Antonio Velfín

Contemporary, Abstract Artist

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Antonio Velfin creates large-scale abstract paintings that are bold and stunning with iridescent backgrounds.  Velfin creates these iridescent backgrounds by applying layers of metallic paints to each canvas.  As a result, each piece will change with movement and light.  This creates a beautiful display of color for when someone moves, it will change into three different colors.  Furthermore, Velfin adds a non-representational ribbon of white paint to create a sensual abstract form.  Each of these forms are uniquely different due to their application of acrylic paint.  As a result, each painting allows the audience to enjoy a bold, fluid shape combined with a beautiful metallic background.

Velfin was born and raised in Spain, where he attended the University of San Carlos.  Furthermore, he studied fine art and perfected figure painting throughout his school years.  At the beginning of his art career, Velfin would paint classical figures with heavy brushstrokes.  However, this style did not advance his art career, so he eliminated the figure completely.  As a result, he influences his abstract forms to embody the curves of a human figure.  This allows him to depict a ribbon of paint as a sensual, organic, form.  In addition, these original paintings are bold, and exciting to interact with.

Velfin creates these abstract ribbon forms by placing a brush on the canvas and quickly painting the form.  As a result, each piece has a unique ribbon form that enhances the negative space around it.  Velfin’s collection can be found in galleries everywhere and can be acquired by contacting


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