Anna Razumovskaya, contemporary impressionist creating romantic figurative paintings of danciners, florals and musicians.

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Anna Razumovskaya is a Russian artist mostly recognized for her unique romantic figurative paintings. She combines quiet tones with the bright color. As a result, in an impactful scene of beauty emerges. Anna’s romantic figures consist of lovers, dancers, and musicians. These subjects resemble classical styles. For example, she calls forth old masters such as Reubens. However, because of her expressive technique, her figures are fresh and modern.

Her details render perfect figures in the positive space. In addition, impressionistic backgrounds compliment the beautiful details. Therefore, serving to more fully define the subject. Anna draws and exercises her skills. In effect, this allows her to grow and expand her talents. Anna continues to pour herself into her artwork. In turn, she is always inspired by the world around her.

Notably, classical composers such as Bach, shine through as muses. Classical music impacts her work where we see stringed instruments such as the violin. Her beautiful line work and flowing colors captures the movement of dance. Thus, Anna captures the pure essence of a timeless thing. Through only the colors and brushstrokes on the canvas, Anna creates a melody. One can feel the emotion and power of the song without any music playing.

Anna Razumovskaya graduated from Russian State Academy of Fine Arts in 1991 as a Master of Fine Arts. After, she then continued her studies in Germany, Belgium, and Holland and has had personal exhibitions in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada where she feels at home.

This brilliant artist is in collections world-wide, with solo shows in New York, London, and Paris. Truly, Art Leaders Gallery is proud to be an official Anna Razumovskaya art dealer.

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