Anna Razumovskaya, contemporary impressionist creating romantic figurative paintings of danciners, florals and musicians.

Anna Razumovskaya

Internationally Acclaimed Impressionist

Anna’s mastery transcends boundaries as she navigates diverse mediums such as watercolor, oil, acrylic, silk, and genres, cementing her status as an contemporary figurative artist. In Anna’s own words, the act of creation is an puzzling phenomenon. She guides her brush strokes with pleasure, passion, and joy, rather than conscious thought.

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Anna Razumovskaya began her creative journey upon graduating from the Russian State University for Arts in 1991. Fueled by artistic excellence, she honed her craft through intensive studies across Germany, Belgium, and Holland from 1992 to 1995.

The Impasto Technique

Anna Razumovskaya’s employs the impasto method with a richness that transcends the two-dimensional canvas. By layering thick swathes of paint, Anna not only creates mesmerizing textures but also preserves the visceral imprint of her artistic process—a visual testament to the raw energy and emotion infused into each stroke.

The Impasto technique becomes more than a mere artistic method; it becomes a conduit for storytelling, allowing Anna to convey the emotions and intricacies of the human experience with unparalleled clarity. Each deliberate mark left upon the canvas serves as a testament to her  dedication to her craft.

Human Figure

Another key characteristic of Anna’s art work includes the portrayal of the human form. As a result, Anna’s art exudes a romantic aura, as she crafts figures of lovers, dancers, and musicians with ethereal elegance.

Today, admirers celebrate her depictions of ballet dancers, florals, and landscapes. Each canvas is a testament to her unwavering commitment to artistic innovation.


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