Antoino Molinari large scale abstract paintings. Colorful, monochromatic, and larger than life, this Detroit Artist creates stunning compositions that has movement and energy.

Antonio Molinari

Mid-Century Modern Abstract Expressionist

Antonio Molinari is a Detroit based artist known for his poured paint and abstract paintings. He focuses on color flow and canvas manipulation. As a result, Molinari’s large-scale, abstract paintings inspire collectors with both contemporary and mid-century modern styles.

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Artist Biography

Using expressive poured paint techniques, Detroit artist Antonio Molinari creates large, ethereal abstracts that seem to float across the canvas. As a creative designer for Lincoln Motors, Molinari’s every day work is meticulous and detailed, and he needed an outlet to keep his artistic mind sharp. Thus, Molinari started his series of paintings that were organic and abstract.

Drawing inspiration from abstract expressionist masters like Paul Jenkins, Elba Alvarez, and Helen Frankenthaler, Molinari pushes his works further by using a mixture of bold colors and metallic paints. By focusing on the interlacing colors in such a way, there is an illusion of depth and energy within the tones and shapes of the composition.

Antonio Molinari is a graduate of Detroit Center for Creative Studies and currently lives and works in Detroit, Michigan. His large-scale, contemporary paintings can be found in galleries and collections nation-wide.

Artist Statement

When painting I feel like I’m pouring emotions onto the canvas. I am always chasing, and trying to capture a positive reflection of a moment. To me, the paint has to be fluid and graceful. The paint personifies emotional transitions that arise within all of us.  As a result, this is what makes us human and sparks heart felt connections.

I fell in love with abstract painting because it is such a departure from my daily design work.  The expression and emotion of the paintings aren’t defined by feasibility guidelines.  I have a fond appreciation for when my abstracts aren’t followed up with questions like “how are we going to build this?”  The freedom from rules is marvelous. Pursuing both techniques truly enhance each other.  It’s how I achieve the highest sense of balance with all my artistry.

My paintings focus on these connections. Through harmonious movements of paint, I take people on a journey.  It can be a brief moment of uplifting energy or an hour of deep inspiration, but my greatest reward is moving the viewer emotionally. In conclusion, my goal is to have my works of art produce a positive energy and visual connection to the viewer.


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