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Eric Christensen paints watercolors of wine, wine countryside, and other landscapes.  Furthermore, he creates photorealistic paintings  with high quality watercolors to enhance realism in each piece.  These pieces are rich with color, and display a beautiful, photographic scene from his home countryside.  As a result, his paintings come to life with a stunning, peaceful scene.

Christensen is a self-taught artist that began his passion for fine art at a young age.  Furthermore, on top of painting, he was interested in botany, classical music, and gourmet cooking while living in Utah.  This allowed him to understand his objects and recreate them in his paintings.  His style of watercolor painting put him on the international spotlight.  In addition, Christensen opened his own art gallery in a small town in Napa Valley.  This allowed him to expand his stunning paintings across California and across the world.  After success from his gallery, he was able to close it down, and focus solely on his paintings.

These watercolor paintings are created with over thirty layers of paint.  As a result, each painting is full of richness and realistic attributes.  Every brush stroke is nonexistent due to layering and working with water which results in smooth colors and glossy finishes.  In addition, Christensen layers each dark shadow to enhance highlights and illuminate reflections in each wine bottle or glass.  His technique allows him to create form, depth, and realism in each piece.  Contact info@artleaders.com to receive a stunning Eric Christensen watercolor painting.

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