Harold Lustig (1928-2018)

Dichroic Crystal Cube Sculptures

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Harold Lustig designed glass crystal cubes for over thirty years and created exquisite designs from his studies.  In addition, he explored dichroic glass to perfect a collection of optically pure crystal pieces. This dichroic glass makes a stunning, colorful finish that absorbs light and refracts surrounding hues.  Furthermore, Lustig developed his skills by merging dichroic glass with crystal cubes, bottles, and trinkets.  These crystal cubes shine in any space due to their ability to fracture surrounding colors like a prism.

Dichroic was first introduced by NASA and perfected in their space shuttles and masks.  This process is created in a vacuum chamber where an electron beam deposits many microscopic layers of metallic oxides on the optically pure glass.  Furthermore, this metallic coating absorbs different colors of light from the fractured edges and angles which makes the glass multi-hued.  Ultimately, color bounces through the cubes due to multiple colors coated on three concave angles underneath the base.

Lustig created these cubes to be singular or stack able.  Not only did he make cubes, but also designed perfume bottles, religious objects, and small sculptures. Lastly, order these crystal objects by contacting info@artleaders.com.

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