Houston Llew Spiritiles

American Artist and Creator of Spiritiles

Houston Llew, an American artist deeply rooted in the charm of the South, is the visionary behind the captivating Spiritiles. During the tumultuous economic climate of 2008, Houston’s artistic journey began at Auburn University. However, fate intervened, leading him to a transformative encounter with master enamelist Zingaro.

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The Work: Vitreous Enamel

Under Zingaro’s guidance, Houston delved into the ancient craft of vitreous enamel, a medium dating back over 3000 years. Through relentless experimentation and dedication, Houston honed his skills, giving birth to the iconic Spiritiles. Houston meticulously crafts each piece according to the golden mean ratio, adorning them with layers of finely ground colored glass. Each serves as a testament to his commitment to simplicity and emotional resonance.

In vitreous enameling, artisans apply a thin layer of glass to metal surfaces and fuse them at high temperatures in a kiln, creating luminescent works with fine cracks. These intentional cracks, unique to each Spiritile, make every piece a distinctive work of art.

The intentional crazing marks enhance the visual and tactile experience of each Spiritile, inviting viewers to engage with the artwork on a deeper level. Furthermore, each Spiritile is handmade according to the same dimensions following the golden mean ratio. Houston often expresses that he creates these artworks as “windows of the enlightened spirit”.

Houston’s unique technique involves rolling a pin over the enameled surface to create intentional crazing marks, enhancing light refraction and luminosity. This sets his work apart in the world of enameling, reflecting his unwavering pursuit of inspiration and connection.

Proudly made in the USA

In Houston’s Atlanta studio, he handcrafts every Spiritile with integrity and passion. Sourcing materials locally ensures meeting the highest quality standards, from lead-free glass to meticulously cut copper canvases.

Furthermore, the Spiritile collection evolves with the seasons, with four new releases annually embodying themes of rebirth, adventure, change, and reflection. As a result, collectors eagerly anticipate each release, knowing they acquire not just art, but a piece of their own story. Art Leaders Gallery carries the full selection of current tiles and many retired tiles that are no longer available.

Excellent Gifts

In addition to being excellent gifts, “Spiritiles are about positivity,” Llew says. The quotes on Spiritiles golden sides are specially selected to capture the enlightened moment.

  • Take a look at Ascent, #155: “I want to be improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing as if I had wings”. This Mary Oliver quote is accompanied by a beautiful dragonfly symbolizing change and a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.
  • Be inspired by Rumi on #231, Elysian: “Out beyond ideas of right and wrong there is a field. I will meet you there”.
  • Show your love with #250, Tandem, a sought after retired spiritile quoting Carlos Santana, “Where you are, that’s where I want to be, and through your eyes, that’s all I want to see”.

Lastly, Spiritiles transcend traditional gift-giving, offering a tangible expression of love, inspiration, and connection.


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