Isabelle Scheltjens

Contemporary Mosaic Glass Portraits

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Isabelle Scheltjens is a contemporary glass artist. She creates alluring portraits made from colorful mosaic glass pieces. Isabelle has developed a new way of portrait making. For example, she arranges thousands of pieces of glass to form an image. Using her unique glass-fusing technique, she melts together different colors, textures, and sizes of glass, which she organizes into captivating glass portraits.

In the tradition of Pop artists, Isabelle’s favorite subjects are modern-day celebrities. She considers her work a form of contemporary pointillism. The colorful glass pieces are like the dots of paint used by pointillists. The tiny glass pieces create a larger mosaic style portrait.

According to Isabelle, “Distance creates beauty”. Her work is a testament to the idea that everything looks better from a distance. To her, the fragility of glass represents fleeting beauty.

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