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Jose Royo

Classic Figurative Painter

Born in 1945 in Valencia, Spain, Jose Royo’s artistic journey began early  at the San Carlos Academy. Immersed in European masters’ works, he developed his style and earned commissions for portraits.

Skills & Achievements

  • In the mid-60s to early 70s, Royo explored theatre set design, illustration, and restoration alongside exhibiting and receiving commissions.
  • At 25, he redirected his focus to capturing Valencia and the Mediterranean, refining his style and mastering light.

Refining the Mediterranean Aesthetic

  • Throughout the 1980s, Royo refined his style, exhibiting internationally and perfecting his portrayal of Mediterranean landscapes.
  • By 1989, his “matured” style emerged, drawing parallels to European masters like Renoir and Sorolla, with critics praising his ability to convey mood and atmosphere similar to the old masters.

Legacy and Global Recognition

Today, Royo’s work continues to amaze collectors worldwide, offering homage to the beauty of the Mediterranean. His art stands as a testament to his skill and dedication, ensuring his place among the great masters of Spanish painting.

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