Jurgen Gorg

Hand-Colored Figurative Etchings and Lithographs

Born in 1951, Jurgen Gorg started drawing at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Under the guidance of his mentor, Saalfield, he honed his skills, eventually expanding into printmaking. This transition marked the beginning of his recognition in the art world.

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Additionally, Gorg’s style blends thin lines with paint, showcasing his unique artistic approach. In his etchings, he creates captivating compositions of elegant figures interacting within atmospheric backgrounds. Furthermore, his subjects, including lovers, dancers, and musicians, exude grace and elegance, evoking a timeless and eternal atmosphere.


In Germany, figurative art with erotic themes is traditional. Jurgen Gorg’s work offers fresh interpretations, as described in his latest book:

“… The human body; it is the body of the young, slim, beautiful person. the face remains vague, the gestures are those of free motion. Everything concentrates on the body language and the erotic radiation of the figures.”

 Soft Color Palette

Furthermore, Gorg’s use of a soft color palette enhances the delicate balance between foreground and background, imbuing his works with a sense of fluidity and romance.

  • Despite being born in Germany, Gorg’s impact extends beyond Europe, with his artworks gaining recognition and placement in galleries worldwide.
  • While his pieces are predominantly found in European collections, interested buyers in the United States can acquire his works by contacting info@artleaders.com.

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