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Raised in North Carolina, Kenny Pieper began his craft career at Penland School of Crafts while still in high school. Drawn to pottery, Kenny honed his skills under the guidance of renowned instructors Norm Schulman and Cynthia Bringle. However, it was under the mentorship of Richard Ritter that his true passion for glass ignited.

Artist Biography

After high school, Kenny earned a scholarship to the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit and obtained his B.F.A. from the California College of Art and Design in Oakland, CA. He then spent 16 years refining his craft as a glassblower in San Francisco’s East Bay area.

Kenny’s artistic journey led him back to North Carolina, where he constructed his studio while managing both the glassblowing and lampworking studios at Penland School. Here, he mastered the tradition of Italian glass, marking a full circle in his career.

Today, Kenny resides in the picturesque mountains of North Carolina, drawing inspiration from his surroundings to craft exquisite glass vessels and sculptures.

Reticello Technique

  • Pieper Glass masters the classical Italian glassmaking technique of reticello with renown.
  • Additionally, craftsmen meticulously twist and blow glass rods, known as cane or “Canne,” to form a delicate lattice pattern.
  • Kenny creates two cups of twisted rods in opposite directions, fusing them together while preserving grooves between each rod.
  • These grooves trap small air pockets, resulting in the characteristic bubble pattern seen in Reticello vessels.
  • Lastly, Kenny’s skillful manipulation of this technique allows him to shape stunningly intricate and unique glass creations.

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