Loet Vanderveen (1921-2015) Dutch Sculpter

Bronze Animal Sculptures

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Loet Vanderveen discovered his love for wildlife through visits to the local zoo. There he even helped the zookeepers care for the animals. At the same time, this helped him understand animals. Ultimately, he loved animals and this was reflected throughout his artistic career.

Later, Vanderveen began making ceramics for a living. He worked under a ceramist in New York and tried out bronze sculpture. As a result, his knowledge of ceramics and sculpture expanded quickly. His animals became more realistic by studying and testing many methods. He developed new crystallizing methods. He also tried colorful patinas to change the quality of each animal. As a result, his years of exploring transferred into his animal sculptures and brought him into a world wide spotlight.

Vanderveen continued his studies by traveling to safaris where he studied animals even closer. As a result, his animals became more interactive.  Monkeys swinging or crawling to show their beauty. Ultimately, his love for animals never died, and his ability to freeze an animal’s natural pose is truly amazing. Lastly, you can collect your own bronze sculpture by contacting info@artleaders.com.

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