Maya Eventov 

Original Textured Contemporary Figurative and Abstract Paintings

Maya Eventov’s artistic journey has been one of constant evolution and exploration. From her early ventures into watercolors to her mastery of oils and now her innovative use of impasto acrylics, we have witnessed her transformative progression through various mediums and subjects.

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Artist Biography

Eventov’s parents introduced her to fine art at a young age.  In addition, she would spend hours at the Hermitage Museum studying the masters. Soon, the Saint Petersburg State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, where she received her High School diploma, excelled her art education. Furthermore, she continued her art career by receiving a master’s degree in graphic design.  After illustrating Children’s books and painting murals in Moscow, Eventov moved to Canada where she resides today. As a result, she has developed her painting style which she attributes to being happy and safe in Canada.

Technique & Inspiration

  • Moreover, her uniquely sculpted, textural acrylic canvases are instantly recognizable, radiating joy, light, and transcendent beauty.
  • Additionally, Maya draws inspiration from her travels around the world and the serene landscapes of her Canadian home.
  • Maya paints from a “happy place,” infusing her vibrant, romantic, and colorful works with a sense of positivity and warmth.

As Maya continues to grow and evolve as an artist, we eagerly anticipate the countless great things that lie ahead. Her journey is a testament to the power of artistic expression and the boundless potential of creativity.


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