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Urban Cityscapes – Embellished Signed and Numbered Prints

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Michael Flohr has creates urban paintings with a combination of abstract expressionism and avant-garde practices.  Furthermore, Flohr has created these original masterworks with oil paints and abstract brushstrokes. Each piece uniquely describes a city scene, still life, or people in action. These compositions are full of rich bold colors and thick textures. As a result, Flohr has developed a signature style and color palette that is unique.

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Flohr was born in Lakeside, California where his tutor introduced him to painting and fine arts. Furthermore, his passion and color palette grew once he began working for a casino in San Diego. Working there ignited his passion for painting cityscapes. He is inspired by people interacting with weather, street lighting, and evening adventures. In addition, he was able to apply deep rich colors to enhance bright saturated lights. After working at the casino, Flohr continued his education at the San Francisco Academy of Art University.  Here he learned how to work with new mediums to enhance his painting techniques.

Later, Flohr began selling his artwork throughout the United States and Europe. His inspiration for his cityscapes is from historical, impressionist artists such as Van Gogh. As a result, he appreciates the interaction between people, objects, and landscape. He applies stunning brushstrokes, textures, and beautiful colors to the canvas. Flohr believes that his artwork does not need to be dissected but instead enjoyed because it simply pleases the eye. Lastly, contact info@artleaders.com to order your Michael Flohr painting today.


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