Nicholas Stelter

Contemporary Kiln-Fired Glass Bowls

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Nicholas Stelter creates stunning glass sculptures for any interior space.  Each glass sculpture is  handcrafted and is fired differently to create individuality.  Furthermore, he crafts each vessel, bowl, or sculpture to have a texture that bends light and illuminates the surface beneath.  As a result, the glass becomes a focal point for its bold textures and ability to engulf light.

Stelter’s inspiration for glass began at an early age.  He spent his summer days at his Grandfather’s woodworking shop where his passion for sculpture and working with his hand started.  Furthermore, his grandfather taught him how to us diverse techniques by using different engraving tools.  Not only was Stelter’s grandfather an artist, but his mother was a ceramicist as well.  Ultimately, Stelter took his early influences in art and began his journey as a kiln formed glass sculptor.

Stelter worked with a nationally recognized glass artist who specialized in stained glass restorations and kiln formed glass.  During this time, he experimented by working with stone and possibilities of concrete casting.  With this, he was able to develop his handcrafted glass vessels, bowls, and boats.  Furthermore, this creates a transparent, illuminating structure that captures light to reflect an organic ripple on the surface below.  In addition, he designs and fabricates contemporary pedestals to compliment each finish and shape.  Stelter combines his energetic glass pieces with his structurally modern pedestals to create a bold sculpture that captures light, color, and beauty.  Lastly, one can have one of these stunning pieces by contacting


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