Thad Markham Out of the Bowl

Whimsical Fruit Sculptures

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Thad Markham designs captivating and fun sculptures for anyone to enjoy.  Markham literally makes fruits and vegetables come to life by adding feet, arms, hands, and expression to each fruit.  Furthermore, each sculpture has a fun way of interacting with its space by sitting, posing, dancing, or other creative positions.  These cheerful sculptures brighten up any space and modernize any interior space.

Markham began his art career in California where was began his engineering degree at UCSB Santa Barbara.  As a result, Markham became a very successful as an engineer which allowed him to explore creative avenues in his future.  This led to his Out of the Bowl collection of fun, hand-painted sculptures.

Thad Markham’s inspiration for these characters came to him when he saw two bananas looking as if they were dancing.  In addition, he saw other fruits and vegetables beginning to take a quirky shape and form expressions.  He would literally go into grocery stores and wonder what the fruits and vegetables would do at night when no one is watching.  In addition, Markham would draw up hundreds of sketches, prototypes, and color samples to make these sculptures as whimsical and realistic as possible.  These colorful, hand-painted finishes, witty names, and modern poses create a unique experience for any interior space.  These limited edition sculptures can be ordered by contacting

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