Gerd Schmidt

Textured Aspen Birch Landscape Paintings

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Gerd Schmidt has created a unique way of painting birch trees and landscapes with acrylic paints and other mixed media.  Furthermore, each painting is full of thick textures which create a sense of 3d relief or wall sculpture.  Gerd’s collection of landscapes and birch trees are stunning due to their color and bold textures.  In addition, each painting has an organic color palette enhanced with gold leaf and metallic blue flakes.  Gerd paints each piece to illuminate light and atmospheric perspective.  As a result, all audiences are immersed into his landscapes due to the use of color, texture, and light.

Gerd is a self-taught painter who developed his own masterful techniques by experimenting with mediums and atmospheric perspective. He began his journey by entering into the military. There, he spent six years in technical college.  In addition, this allowed him to work with his hands and apply these techniques to painting.  Gerd currently works and lives in Michigan where he is able to research scenic landscapes and natural lakes.

Gerd highlights each piece with gold, silver, and blue mica flake to enforce his attraction to beauty from nature.  As a result, his birch trees protrude forward, and his highlights shimmer as light bounces off each mica flake.  Gerd wants to capture the beauty of nature by abstracting natural scenes and giving a sense of exploration.  Lastly, Gerd’s collection can be commissioned and acquired by contacting


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