Global Views Studio

Metal & Stone Fine Art Sculptures

Global Views Studio specializes in metal and stone fine art sculpture, crafted by a group of talented designers and sculptors. Their tabletop accessories draw inspiration from natural forms, featuring a diverse collection of climbing men, Cirque du Soleil gymnasts, animals, and more. Each piece is meticulously crafted with marble or granite bases, contributing to their dynamic compositions.

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Modern Designs

  • Global Views Studio enhances the composition, creating captivating negative spaces that mesmerize audiences.
  • Their sculptures boast modern designs, a minimal color palette, and a unique interaction with surrounding space, adding excitement and sophistication to any setting.

Perfect Gifts

  • With a focus on realism and minimalism, the Studio ensures that each figure, form, and animal exhibits specific textures that enhance their quality.
  • These sculptures serve as excellent additions to indoor décor, with their strong lines and compositions modernizing any space.
  • To acquire a piece from their collection, simply contact


33086 Northwestern Hwy.
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48322




Open Monday - Saturday

10 am to 6 pm EST

Additional Hours by Appointment Only