Isabelle Scheltjens

A 21st Century Neo-Pointillist

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Isabelle Scheltjens, a contemporary glass artist, pioneers a new method of portrait-making using vibrant mosaic glass pieces. Arranging thousands of glass fragments with intricate precision, she develops captivating images, akin to a 21st-century neo-pointillist.

Drawing inspiration from classical pointillism, Isabelle redefines the technique by employing layers of colored glass to form portraits rich in detail, light, and shadow. Furthermore, Isabelle’s mastery of color theory, refined through years of practice and experimentation, culminates in a unique glass-fusing technique. This process involves melting pieces together at temperatures exceeding 800°C, resulting in stunning and intricate artworks.

Her portraits, akin to pointillism, reveal abstract imagery up close yet transform into dramatic and precise portraits from a distance. Isabelle captures striking optical effects, playing with light and color to engage the viewer’s perceptual abilities, echoing the philosophy that “Distance creates beauty.”

Drawing inspiration from Pop artists, Isabelle infuses her work with contemporary themes, focusing on modern-day celebrities. Her portraits speak to the contrast between appearance and reality. As a result, her work invites viewers to contemplate the nature of beauty through the lens of glass artistry.

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