Thomas Arvid: The Contemporary Sill Life Artist. Photo-realist painter of fine wines.

Thomas Arvid

Fine Wine and Liquor Art Limited Edition Prints

Thomas Arvid, a self-taught celebrity artist, creates captivating works of art. Art Business News credits him with “launching a major art trend” for his oversized still life compositions of wine.

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Moreover, is meticulous attention to detail and mastery of light, depth, and reflection are evident in each of his paintings, which often require over 700 hours of painstaking work to complete. Through his passion for excellence, Arvid creates exquisite pieces that are treasured by collectors worldwide.


  • Arvid’s artistic style, characterized by photorealistic depictions of wine and its rituals, emerged from his observations in Napa Valley, California. Dissatisfied with traditional vineyard imagery, Arvid sought to capture the ambiance of friends gathering over wine in natural settings.
  • Encouraged by his wife Vanessa, Arvid embraced his unique approach, closely mirroring a photograph while retaining the essence of paint.
  • Moreover, his oil paintings often featuring wine bottles, glasses, corks, and corkscrews, invite viewers to immerse themselves in familiar scenes.


  • Fascinated by the color red from an early age, Arvid found himself drawn to the vibrant hues of wine.
  • He explains, “I painted tennis shoes, Radio Flyer wagons, and other things in their natural state – depicting how they are used. “Similarly, I like to capture the feeling of being around a bottle of wine.”
  • His affinity led him to explore wine painting, garnering unexpected attention for his early works, with collectors purchasing pieces even before completion.
  • Arvid’s awe at the response to his work stems from the universal connection people have with wine, viewing his paintings as windows into the shared experiences of camaraderie and enjoyment.

Personal History

Arvid’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond his art. He raises millions for charities, donating both his art and time to make a positive impact. Reflecting on his work, he emphasizes the importance of hands-on involvement.

In addition to his art, Arvid excels as a musician, chef, and dedicated family man. His easy-going nature and genuine humility shining through in every interaction.

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