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Love is in the Air: Celebrating What Brings Us Together

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Love is in the Air February 1-29. Celebrating what brings us together. virtual art banner

Love Is In The Air: Celebrating What Brings Us Together

Love is a deep bond between people, filled with care, affection, and understanding. It’s a feeling that brings joy, comfort, and a sense of belonging. Love motivates people to support, cherish, and prioritize each other’s well-being above all else. In honor of Love, we have curated a special collection of artworks showcasing this special bond.

Artwork by Craig Alan: Love Around the Corner, Everyone, All You Need Is..., Love High

Craig Alan knows All You Need Is Love

Craig Alan celebrates the bonds between people in his Populus series. His compositions reflect the goal of expressing the notion that “we need to work together to accomplish larger goals. We can’t think the individual is more important than the whole.” To illustrate, Alan’s unique “Populus” characters interact with each other, coming together to create larger compositions.

Alan pulls inspiration from significant human events and pop culture. Many of his pieces carry a theme of Love and World Peace. Works like All You Need Is…inspired by the Beatles song “All You Need is Love”, and his Love Around the Corner and Everyone, inspired by Robert Indiana‘s famous LOVE sculpture.

Check out Craig Alan’s Collection of Mixed Media and Limited Editions

Hessam Art Banner: Crazy in Love, In My Arms, My Valentine, Adoration, and After Solitude

Hessam Abrishami features that Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Hessam Abrishami’s artwork is all about the strong love shared between couples. The juxtaposition between the abstracted background and more detailed subjects helps the viewer feel the emotion of the scene; it almost feels like nothing else matters but the love each figure feels. Even the colors used are meant to illustrate happiness and energy as the passion explodes on the canvas.

Hessam paints his emotions and experiences into his compositions; Love being a popular theme. You can find these strong emotive images in pieces like Crazy in Love, Adorationand My ValentineHessam hopes to inspire the world with positivity and happiness through art.

Check out Hessam Abrishami’s Collection of Romantic Limited Editions

Jurgen Gorg Vivaldi Seasons etchings: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Jurgen Gorg illustrates the Seasons of Love

Jurgen Gorg’s Vivaldi Seasons etchings illustrates a story of a life of love. Starting in Spring, a connection sparks between the two subjects. As they hold each other in a loving embrace, music plays as the love brings on the warm colors. Moving into Summer, their love blooms. You can see the colors are warm and the red surrounding the couple illustrates the fire of their young passion. In Autumn, the lovers still have the spark between them; it may not be as bright as the summer, but the fire is deep like burning coals. Finally, Winter illustrates the bittersweetness of a love lost. We see the lone figure watching a fallen rose, still red among the cold landscape, reminiscing a life of love represented in the ghost-like figures embracing in the background.

Check out the collection of Gorg’s Vivaldi Seasons and Zodiac etchings

Dr. Seuss artwork: Antlered Animal Adoring Small Pink Tufted Beast, Cat Carnival in West Venice, Elephant Presenting A Flower to A Bird, I Wonder Where My Emma Is Tonight

Dr. Seuss’ Quirky Love Stories

You may not know that Ted “Dr. Seuss” Geisel was not only an author of beloved children’s books, he was an incredible artist that created a variety of paintings, using his own “Seussian” style. This collection of “Secret Art” includes a variety of themes, including our favorite – Love!

Theodor Seuss Geisel, known to his family and friends as “Ted,” was a romantic in many ways, often crafting paintings and drawings that tap into our ongoing quest and desire for romance. In I Wonder Where My Emma is Tonight, a wistful stag allows a pair of woodpeckers to safely court atop his antlers. There is a sense of pride in providing such sanctuary for these lovebirds, although one can’t help but sense a longing for the stag’s own sweetheart, perhaps a doe named Emma?

Other pieces that illustrate Dr. Seuss’ romantic side are Cat Carnival in West Venice, where you see two fancifully dapper cats stealing away for some privacy, or Antlered Animal Adoring Pink-Tufted Small Beast where a stag is smitten with a fluffy beast and trying to get her attention.

Check out the Magical World of Dr. Seuss

We Would LOVE to help you find that perfect piece of art!

We hope that this collection of Love filled artwork inspires you this February. Shop this special collection of romantic art all month long. You can find out more about these artists and their work by contacting the gallery. You can also follow Art Leaders Gallery on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest artwork straight to your feed!

-Published February 2, 2024

Craig Alan: Populus

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Craig Alan: Populus Exhibition at Art Leaders Gallery August 2023

Featured Artist Exhibition: Craig Alan

Art Leaders Gallery is pleased to feature works by American artist Craig Alan. Focusing on his signature “Populus” imagery, this exhibition explores the relationship of the individual versus the whole. In today’s social climate, Alan’s Populus is an important reminder of how it takes all kinds to create a world.

Exhibition is on view at Art Leaders Gallery from August 1 to 31st, 2023.
Published August 1, 2023

Populus was created as visual social commentary. As an experiment, Alan stood on his mother’s 6th story balcony snapping photos of the populated beach below. Later realizing how a small wedding party formed the shape of an eye, the painter began considering the possibilities.

Current events have continuously inspired Alan’s Populus series. From notable world events to Pop-culture icons, the painter challenges himself to illustrate what the masses relate to. As a result, his compositions reflect the goal of expressing “we need to work together to accomplish larger goals. We can’t think the individual is more important than the whole.” As the audience moves closer to his works, the overall shape dissolves into the smaller figures – further emphasizing that everyone is in this world together.

Art Leaders Gallery has a large collection of Limited Edition and Mixed Media pieces for sale. We encourage you to visit the gallery or browse his available works on our website here.

May Florals: Floral Art

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May Florals: Floral Art

Art That Speak Universal Language, Lasts a Lifetime

Banner - May '23 Floral Blog

Since humans have inhabited this planet, the beauty of nature has immersed their lives. In nature, flowers have one simple purpose – reproduction. And in essence, the reproduction of beauty and life itself. Much like the reproduction of life and beauty is where we also find the reproduction and perpetual replication of floral art. The use of flowers for adornment, decoration, and artistic representation has played an integral part in the traditions, cultures, and connections of humanity over the centuries. Flowers enhance one’s feeling and impression. They connect people to the simplicity and sensitivity of nature. They drive emotion and passion. Evoke sadness and remembrance.

Floral design or floral arrangement is the skill of using plant materials or flowers to create eye-catching and harmonious composition, along with choosing whichever medium an artist may see fit. This aura of refined floristry can be traced all the way back to ancient Egyptian culture. This origination of artistic floristry has played a significant role in the interactions and relationships amongst humans over the course of history.

Page through the chapters of time and centuries past and you’ll find that flowers in contemporary art have retained the same symbolic value of life and beauty since the beginning of time. Few things carry such timeless symbolism and connection that flowers and artistic floristry deliver. A universal language for all and a powerful way to connect with people. A language of love, emotion, beauty, sadness and celebration that universally speaks to all. Flowers and floral art evoke such emotions within us. Love, passion, desire, innocence, joy, sadness or even death. They can represent a multitude of emotions and feelings. Likewise, it is a transferable and giftable language that can be spoken through canvas and florals mediums. Furthermore, a timeless one at that.

In conclusion, flowers are not just pretty decorations or gifts, but powerful sources of emotion and beauty. They have the ability to transform our lives, enhance our emotions, and connect us with each other and with nature. Whether as a depicted as a simple bouquet or a complex floral arrangement, flowers and floral art stand as a testament to the integrity and beauty of the natural world, and a reminder to appreciate and cherish the wonders that surround and connect us all.

Scroll down further to learn more about some of our featured floral artists here at Art Leaders Gallery.

(Featured Artists: Konstantin Savchenko, Anastasiya Skryleva, Andrii Afanasiev, K. Nari, Lun Tse, Jamie Lisa, Emilija Pasagic, & Maya Eventov)

Konstantin Savchenko - May Floral Blog
Konstantin Savchenko

World renowned artist, Konstantin Savchenko creates paintings that are full of color and textures. Each oil painting is a textured-study of blending paint with palette knife that creates stunning landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and florals. Further, he expresses emotion and beauty by building up his shadows and highlights with heavy textures. He currently resides in the Ukraine, but spends time painting at his residence in Michigan every year.

Anastasiya Skryleva - May Floral Blog
Anastasiya Skryleva

Anastasiya was born on February 18, 1997 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Her life has been centered around art since she learned how hold a paintbrush. This has shaped her into the young artist she is today. Skryleva’s oil paintings utilize deep tones and layered colors to create stirring images that speak to the viewer. Among landscapes of her native Ukraine, she favors depicting still life arrangements, and the beautiful fluidity of decorative koi fish. Art Leaders Gallery is proud to be the first gallery in the United States to represent this young, blossoming artist.

Andrii - May Floral Blog

Andrii Afanasiev

Andrii Afanasiev has spent years studying fine arts in Ukraine. He began this passion in his youth. Over the years, his passion developed into creating stunning abstract florals and textured seascapes. Moreover, he creates large scale paintings with layers of oil to draw out texture and depth. Furthermore, his stunning paintings cross boundaries between classic and contemporary.

K. Nari - May Floral Blog

K. Nari

Nari is an abstract contemporary artist. She was born in Seoul, Korea and was immersed in art from the earliest stages of her life. K. Nari has used her various experiences to develop her own style of fine art painting. As an abstract artist, she spends her days in her studio. She creates paintings that concentrate on movement. Additionally, she adds varying layers of paints and textures to convey a range of emotions in her work. Furthermore, she enjoys creating most of her artwork using acrylic paints and ink on canvases and paper. Her artwork consists of floral, abstract, transitional, and landscape in modern contemporary looks.


Lun Tse

Lun Tse was born in Hong Kong, China where he channels the ability to incorporate Chinese tradition into each painting. H creates original paintings of stunning floral arrangements and cropped floral compositions. Furthermore, Tse paints each large-scale piece with stunning, metallic gold and silver leaf. Each of these floral pieces are alluring due to their rich colors, metallic finishes, and bold brushstrokes.

Jamie Lisa - May Floral Blog

Jamie Lisa

At an early age, Jamie Lisa began to draw and paint images of the lush, Korean countryside. She loved the colors and beauty of nature. Because of this, Lisa paints still-life floral bouquets. In fact, the colorful countryside of European landscapes are some her favorite subject matters. For example, fields of sunflowers, lavender and poppies inspire her. Her use of color is excellent, and her technique involves the use of pallet knife work with thick strokes and paint on canvas. In turn, this adds a great amount of depth to her landscape and still-life paintings.

Emilija Pasagic - May Floral Blog

Emilija Pasagic

Artist Emilija Pasagic grew up as a native of Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia. She grew a fascination with art at an early stage as a child. Her canvases come to life through the placement of flowers and fruits that seemingly narrate life’s journey. Her unique technique involves using a blending of bee’s wax and oil paint applied to canvas, paper, or board. Pasagic often creates texture through fusing cloth and paper, along with added gold leaf and various gels to induce unique effects.

Maya Eventov - May Floral Blog

Maya Eventov

Maya Eventov grew up in Leningrad, Russia where she studied classical art at the young age of six. Her paintings evoke feelings of well-being and the joys of life with her beautiful colors and stunning florals. Maya’s paintings show harmony and abstraction through color and balance. Furthermore, Eventov applies layers of paint and then etches back into each piece to enhance her abstract compositions. A technique she was inspired to try due to her childhood fascination with Faberge Eggs. Additionally, she draws inspiration from the rich, bold, and bright colors of the Mediterranean that can be identified within her artwork.

Pop Art: Popular ‘Art for the People’

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Pop Art: Popular ‘Art for the People’

Pop Art celebration for month of April: 1st -31st. Featuring artists: Isabelle Scheltjens, Srinjoy Gangopadhyay, The Bisaillon Brothers, Craig Alan, Pietro Adamo, Aniczar Marin

An abbreviation of Popular Art, Pop Art is an art movement that originated in 1950s Britain and soon came to flourish in America in the 1960s. Drawing inspiration from popular appeal and mass media, Pop Art uses recognizable imagery that presented a new-age challenge to the once modest traditions of fine art. Likewise, challenging the culture and dominant traditional views of what art should be.

Bridging the gap between the exclusivity and classical art, the Pop Art movement made art accessible and connectible to the masses, influencing an entire new wave of artistry and expressionism. Paving the way, early 1950s British Pop Art drew heavy inspiration from an outsider’s perspective on western culture and post-war Americana. While early 1960s American Pop Art was inspired by everyday imagery and culture within American society.

Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein, David Hockney, and Andy Warhol are traditionally viewed as the originators of Popular Art – Pop Art. Richard Hamilton is often labelled as founding father of British Pop Art. And in 1957 he defined the outlining characteristics of Pop Art as follows:

            “Pop Art is: Popular (designed for a mass audience), Transient (short-term solution), Expendable (easily forgotten), Low cost, Mass produced, Young (aimed at youth), Witty, Sexy, Gimmicky, Glamorous, Big business”

Join us as we celebrate these iconic ‘characteristics’ in our currently featured in-house artists, highlighting these bold and vibrant colorways of popular imagery and satire that is Pop Art.

Isabelle Scheltjens

In the tradition of Pop artists, Isabelle Scheltjen’s favorite subjects are modern-day celebrities. Using her unique glass-fusing technique, she melts together different colors, textures, and sizes of glass, which she organizes into bold, vibrant and captivating glass portraits. As a result, Isabelle considers her work a form of contemporary pointillism. Likewise, the colorful glass pieces are like the dots of paint used by pointillists. And the glass pieces bring to life a larger mosaic style portrait. Adore some of Isabelle’s celebrity-subjects ‘from a distance,’ in her pieces – Woppi, Someone Who Cares, and Lilou.

Isabelle Scheltjens Banner at Art Leaders Gallery

View Isabelle Scheltjen’s full collection

Srinjoy Gangopadhyay

The Contemporary Pop artist Srinjoy Gangopadhyay draws his inspiration from the overarching theme of contemporary utopia and its mirrored counterpart. Srinjoy’s works hold a mirror to reflect the contemporary experience. Or ultimately, depict a reflection that transport the viewer to an alternative world or experience of that utopia. Dive into Srinjoy’s beautifully vibrant displays of Pop Art that showcase some iconic pop figures of past and present.

Srinjoy original mixed media above fireplace

View Srinjoy Gangopadhyay’s full collection of Limited Edition Giclees

The Bisaillon Brothers

Celebrating a creation of dramatic display of Pop Art & Culture, the Bisaillon Brothers – Jeffery & Michael, combine their love of digital art and symbols with an interest for the abstract and Pop Art world. Using various traditional and non-traditional media and a process mixing acrylic painting and graphic design, the Bisaillon Brothers create one of a kind artwork that is bold and vibrant. Feel the vibrancy and liveliness of these works as they come to life inside your domain. Browse the eclectic collection of Bisaillon Brothers’ work here at Art Leaders Gallery.

View The Bisaillon Brothers’ full collection

Craig Alan

In a classic homage of Pop Art, American artist Craig Alan draws his inspiration from popular culture and from the masters of Pop Art past – Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring. Displaying his skills using bold colors and fine detailing, Alan creates large portraits and scenes. Using various handmade stencils, Alan creates these illustrious depictions of Pop Art culture and imagery through his use of silhouettes. In other words, let his grouped silhouettes transport you through a sparkling and engaging timeline of Pop Art culture through his Populus series.

Craig Alan Banner for April Blog. Red Carpet Capture 48x48

View Craig Alan’s full collection

Pietro Adamo

Abandon the normal drawings of geometric forms through textured surfaces and rough contours and explore the beautifully crafted Pop culture graffiti abstracts of Pietro Adamo. Adamo draws his Pop Art influences from all periods of artistry and most importantly from his surrounding environments, much like that of his ancestral homeland in Italy. Hence, Adamo’s influences create a pulsating sense of Pop Art and Graffiti Art through avenues of landscape and iconic imagery.

Pietro Adamo artwork banner. Rosetto II, Le Donne, Evening Shades, & Apparation

View Pietro Adamo’s full collection

Ancizar Marin

Specializing in sculpture, Ancizar Marin welcomes in a new-age twist of Pop Art to the traditions of three-dimensional artwork. Ancizar Marin creates an array of colorful wall sculptures of climbers, divers, skiers, snowboarders, koi fish, dogs and cats that appear to move across your wall and interact in your space. Marin creates these athlete and animal sculptures out of fiberglass and volcanic rock. These bold and vibrant sculptures bring a contemporary, pop art flare to your home. Consequently, watch these sculptures come to life and transform your wall into a living art space!

View Ancizar Marin’s full collection


You can find out more about these artists and their work by contacting the gallery. You can also follow Art Leaders Gallery on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest artwork straight to your feed!

Published April 1, 2023

Ancizar Marin’s Colorful Climbers and Other Fantastic Figures

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Ancizar Marin: Whimsical Climbing Characters

We invite you to delight in the playful sculptures of Ancizar Marin. With our extensive collection of artworks from this accomplished Columbian artist, you will find many pieces to choose from as you build your collection.

Multi-Colored Climbers by Ancizar Marin at Art Leaders Gallery, voted “Michigan’s Best Fine Art Gallery” is located in the heart of West Bloomfield. This full service fine art gallery is the destination for all your art and custom picture framing needs. Our extensive inventory of art includes styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. The gallery represents international, national, and emerging new talent as well as local Michigan artists.

Dare to Climb with the Colorful Climbers

Let your reach exceed your grasp with one of Ancizar Marin’s unique and playful climbing figures! Sometimes in life it feels as if we are climbing a never-ending mountain – forever in perpetual motion. As a result, artist Ancizar Marin’s beautifully executed sculptures of climbing figures remind us all to stop along our journey and smell the roses; no matter where we are on our life’s climb.

Colorful, intriguing, and just so expressive, these handmade figures are sculpted from acrylic and volcanic rock and come in sizes ranging from approximately 6” – 12”. Accordingly, Ancizar’s Climbers can be positioned in a myriad of ways along their included stainless-steel adjustable cable. When you acquire more than one (and most people do), the interplay between the various figures brings them all to life.

For those who love our little furry friends, Ancizar delights us with his lively sculptures of Dogs and Cats. Pair these adorable pets to climb along their people.

Colorful Climber Winter Athlete: Downhill Snowboarder by Ancizar Marin at Art Leaders Gallery, voted “Michigan’s Best Fine Art Gallery” is located in the heart of West Bloomfield. This full service fine art gallery is the destination for all your art and custom picture framing needs. Our extensive inventory of art includes styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. The gallery represents international, national, and emerging new talent as well as local Michigan artists.Go for the Gold with Summer and Winter Athletes 

If heights is not your thing, perhaps a day at the beach is what you need. Take the plunge with one of Ancizar’s Divers or ride the big-one with his Surfers. Cowabunga! Just like the Climbers, each sculpture is available in various colors and poses. The Surfers ride the waves on stainless steel surfboards. Order the Divers in a set to show the complete progression of a perfect 10 dive!

Since it’s still February, the Winter Athletes Series of sculptures is certainly a great place to start your collection! Snowboarders, Skiers, and Speed Skaters can be arranged to glide down the summit of your wall on stainless steel boards, skis, and skates.

Attract good luck and fortune with colorful KoiColorful Wall Koi Fish by Ancizar Marin at Art Leaders Gallery, voted “Michigan’s Best Fine Art Gallery” is located in the heart of West Bloomfield. This full service fine art gallery is the destination for all your art and custom picture framing needs. Our extensive inventory of art includes styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. The gallery represents international, national, and emerging new talent as well as local Michigan artists.

You can also find serenity and peace while gazing upon your own collection of colorful Koi Fish sculptures that you can be positioned in unlimited ways. Choose from multiple colors and color combinations to suit your personal taste. As a result, they will fit in perfectly with your room’s color scheme. Custom order these Koi in up to three different colors.

You can find out more about this artist and his work – and all our artists – by contacting the gallery. Follow Art Leaders Gallery on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest artwork straight to your feed!


Published February 15, 2023

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love

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Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love curated exhibition February 1-28th Hessam Abrishami, Konstantin Savchenko, Craig Alan, & Gabe Leonard

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.” – Nat King Cole

Passionate embraces, romantic strolls, and whispers of sweet nothings; February sparks the hopeless romantic in us all. As a result, we have curated an exhibition of artists celebrating that crazy little thing called Love.

Hessam Abrishami

Love and laughter, music and dance fill Hessam’s boldly colorful paintings. The artist’s romantic paintings focus on the love between couples. His use of soft lines and vibrant colors emphasizes a passionate energy between the figures. Thus these enticing works of art inspire the lovers in us all. Shower your love with Adoration, because you’re Crazy in Love, and want to ask them “Be My Valentine forever”.

View Hessam Abrishami’s full collection

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love After-Solitude by Hessam Abrishami. Hessam paints abstract, contemporary figures interacting with each other and stunning environments. Each painting is full of vibrant colors, and bold shapes to create stunning compositions.

Adoration, My Valentine, & After Solitude Limited Edtions by Hessam Abrishami

Konstantin Savchenko

The Contemporary Impressionist Konstantin Savchenko draws inspiration from the great artists like Vincent Van Gogh. His impasto style comes to life using only oil paints and a palette knife. Dive into his romantic landscapes as you and love stroll through an colorful park. Or perhaps, instead of flowers that only last a few weeks, gift his beautifully textured florals that are sure to become a cherished family heirloom.

View Konstantin Savchenko’s Full Collection

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love Rose Thicket III by Konstantin Savchenko. Original oil painting of red, pink, and white roses with greenery on canvas framed and displayed in a modern farmhouse style room.

Rose Thicket III By Konstantin Savchenko – 59 x 36 (unframed)

Craig Alan

Celebrate Love with a creative homage to the great Pop artists like Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, Robert Indiana, and Roy Lichtenstein. Whether you celebrate love between partners or love for humanity, Craig Alan’s work sparks something in everyone. Look closely in the Populus crowds and find lovers, love seekers, or perhaps groups coming together for the good of the world.

View Craig Alan’s Full Collection

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love Creature Condition, All You Need Is, Everyone, Kiss - artwork by Craig Alan as a part of the populus collection

Creature Condition, All You Need Is, Everyone, & Kiss by Craig Alan

Gabe Leonard

Wild West vixens, sultry office affairs, and gangster romance fill Gabe Leonard’s paintings. These cinematic paintings showcase the artist’s unique style that feels like stills of a film. Leonard is attracted to the rugged and romantic elements of film noir, so he merges technically figurative painting with a finely crafted ambience. As a result, his unique paintings draw us into a rich world of cinema.

View Gabe Leonard’s Full Collection

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love Alibi by Gabe Leonard in blue and champagne frame on dark gray wall


Shop the Lovers and Romance exhibition 

You can find out more about these artists and their work by contacting the gallery. You can also follow Art Leaders Gallery on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest artwork straight to your feed!

Published February 1, 2023

New Year, New Artists, New Art

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New Contemporary Artwork for the New Year

As we ring in the new year, we are offered a fresh beginning with a new set of goals and the motivation we need to achieve them. Whether your goals are personal, or business related, one cannot deny the impact that our surroundings have on how inspired we feel every day. Discover new works by new artists, on display at Art Leaders Gallery. Let us help you find the perfect artwork to uplift your space and your spirit this year!

Isabelle Scheltjens – Contemporary Mosaic Glass Portraits

Isabelle creates alluring portraits made from colorful mosaic glass pieces. First, she melts together different colors, textures, and sizes of glass. Then, she organizes the pieces into captivating glass portraits. She considers her work a form of contemporary pointillism where the colorful glass pieces are like the dots of paint used by pointillists. According to Isabelle, “Distance creates beauty”. Her work is a testament to the idea that everything looks better from a distance. Someone Who Cares is a stunning example of her work.

Someone Who Cares by Isabelle Scheltjens at Art Leaders Gallery

Jeff Honsberger – Colorful Crystal Cubes

Jeff’s passion for glass was sparked while gallery hopping in Naples, Florida. He soon began training from some of the world’s most renowned glass artists. Jeff is one of few artists to create sculptures using a cold glass method as opposed to traditional hot glass. He uses a building block method of assembling optical crystal to create his colorful and dynamic cubes, such as the Balos Cube shown below. Furthermore, the cubes sit on a rotating pedestal to display different colors and patterns depending on the viewpoint.

Balos Cuby by Jeff Honsberger at Art Leaders Gallery

Debbie Moore – Contemporary Abstract Paintings

Debbie has always been fascinated with color, texture, and trying new things within her artwork. She says, “I am a sucker for how color makes me feel, alive and joyful.” She loves to experiment and add unusual elements to her work. Debbie appreciates those wondrous moments of discovery that we experience as children, and she strives to bring this act into her work. For example, her works feature abstracted elements that provoke viewers to rediscover recognizable elements in their lives. What elements can you recognize in her painting, Dappled Light?

Dappled Light by Debbie Moore at Art Leaders Gallery

Christopher Peter – Mixed Media Silhouettes

Christopher Peter creates images that blur the line between portraiture and dynamic abstract painting. He uses unconventional materials to create contemporary mixed media silhouettes. For instance, he includes handmade paper, marbled textiles, vintage roadmaps, and repurposed book pages in his work. He combines these materials with classic oil and acrylic paints to create bold silhouettes, such as Born to Bloom II, filled with delicate texture and color.

Born to Bloom Silhouette II by Christopher Peter at Art Leaders Gallery


You can find out more about these artists and their work by contacting the gallery. Follow Art Leaders Gallery on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest artwork straight to your feed!



2023 Pantone Color of the Year: Digital Lavender

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Living in Digital Lavender – The Pantone Color of the Year

Published on October 18th, 2022

What color is calming, inviting, optimistic and often associated with peace? Lavender! Not only does this light shade of purple have a relaxing effect, but also the scent of lavender is known to promote relaxation and treat anxiety and depression. Read more about this year’s color of the year in MidWest Homes recent article. With Digital Lavender as the Pantone color of the year, we can officially name 2023 the year of relaxation!

As you redecorate for the new year, work on your renovation projects, or perhaps even design your new home, keep lavender on your mind as a potential color option. In fact, many of our artists here at Art Leaders Gallery, utilize lavender in their color palettes. Color effects our moods, thoughts and behaviors, so why not bring creativity, peace and serenity into your home with Lavender. Below find four of our favorite available artworks that have hints of Pantone’s color of the year, Digital Lavender, in them.

Translucency by Anna Razumovskaya

Contemporary Painting of female in purple gown

Born to Bloom by Christopher Peter

Panton Color of the Year - Digital lavender in Christopher Peter's artwork

Still Life with Iris and Lace by Alexander Volkov

Alexander Volkov print with Digital Lavender colored Irises

Read more about the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year’s trending color palette on Stories View’s lifestyle blog!

Follow the gallery on instagram for more art updates.

Gallery Favorites – Textured Oil Paintings

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Textured oil paintings at Art Leaders GalleryImpasto Style, Textured Oil Paintings

Published October 13th, 2022

Texture can affect mood and influence the meaning we perceive in art. For example, in oil paintings, texture can add space and depth to a painting. One way to create texture is to use a process called impasto by applying thick layers of paint, keeping the physical marks made by the artist for visual effect. Additionally, using textures can give weight, distance, and gravity to artwork, portraying dramatic emotions.

Several of our artists use impasto as a technique to create dynamic oil paintings. Below are three of our favorite textured oil paintings currently available in the gallery!

Afternoon Break by Konstantin Savchenko

World renowned artist, Konstantin Savchenko creates paintings in an impasto style, using thick layers of oil paint. Furthermore, each painting is a study of blending paint with palette knife to create stunning landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and florals. Afternoon Break is the perfect addition to a warm and cozy living space.


Wave Break by Andrii Afanasiev

Andrii Afanasiev’s escape paintings exude peace and tranquility. The texture used to create the waves crashing on the beach emulates the calming sound of water hitting the shore. Wave Break is most definitely a gallery favorite!

Wave Break by Andrii Afanasiev Art Leaders Gallery

Evening Out by Anastasiya Skryleva

Anastasiya Skryleva’s oil paintings are heavily textured and complex. For example, she utilizes deep tones and layered colors to create stirring images that speak to the viewer. Evening Out, is the perfect example of Skryleva’s use of texture to create depth between the flowers and the figure.

You can find out more about these artists and their work by contacting the gallery. In fact, many of these artists even create custom commissions!

Follow the gallery on Instagram and Facebook to get all our gallery favorites straight to your feed!

Figurative Art – From Traditional to Contemporary

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Five Figurative Artists You’ll Love

Published on August 20th, 2022

Some of the most influential and well-known works of art connect us to the human figure. For example – The Mona Lisa, The Scream, The Birth of Venus – all speak to us through the human figure. Figurative art, whether traditional and representational or contemporary and abstract, creates a human element and a captivating presence in your home. Whether it be an expression, an action, or simply a familiar face, when we look at the human figure on a painting, we are able to make connections to our own lives.

Here at the gallery, we have a wide selection of figurative paintings, prints, and sculptures. Anna Razumovskaya’s contemporary impressionist painting bring us romance, while Gabe Leonards cinematic, story-telling paintings bring us drama. Figurative art from traditional to contemporary can compliment just about any space. Finally, below you will find five of our favorite figurative artworks that can impact any space.

Beauty of Dark by Hessam Abrishami

Beauty of Dark by Hessam Abrishami, Figurative Art from traditional to contemporary

Hessam Abrishami, Beauty of Dark, Ltd. Ed. Giclee on Canvas, 36″ x 48″

Loving the Spin by Anna Razumovskaya

Anna Razumovskaya, Loving the Spin, Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas

Anna Razumovskaya, Loving the Spin, Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas

Gold Leaf by Kerri Warner

Gold Leaf by Kerri Warner at Art Leaders Gallery

Kerri Warner, Gold Leaf, Mixed Media on Board, 48″ x 72″

Rossetto II by Pietro Adamo

Rossetto II by Pietro Adamo

Pietro Adamo, Rossetto II, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48″ x 24″

Lip Gloss is for Girls by Gabe Leonard

Lip Gloss is For Girls by Gabe Leonard

Gabe Leonard, Lip Gloss is for Girls, Ltd. Ed. on Canvas

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