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Ancizar Marin’s Colorful Climbers and Other Fantastic Figures

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Ancizar Marin: Whimsical Climbing Characters

We invite you to delight in the playful sculptures of Ancizar Marin. With our extensive collection of artworks from this accomplished Columbian artist, you will find many pieces to choose from as you build your collection.

Multi-Colored Climbers by Ancizar Marin at Art Leaders Gallery, voted “Michigan’s Best Fine Art Gallery” is located in the heart of West Bloomfield. This full service fine art gallery is the destination for all your art and custom picture framing needs. Our extensive inventory of art includes styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. The gallery represents international, national, and emerging new talent as well as local Michigan artists.

Dare to Climb with the Colorful Climbers

Let your reach exceed your grasp with one of Ancizar Marin’s unique and playful climbing figures! Sometimes in life it feels as if we are climbing a never-ending mountain – forever in perpetual motion. As a result, artist Ancizar Marin’s beautifully executed sculptures of climbing figures remind us all to stop along our journey and smell the roses; no matter where we are on our life’s climb.

Colorful, intriguing, and just so expressive, these handmade figures are sculpted from acrylic and volcanic rock and come in sizes ranging from approximately 6” – 12”. Accordingly, Ancizar’s Climbers can be positioned in a myriad of ways along their included stainless-steel adjustable cable. When you acquire more than one (and most people do), the interplay between the various figures brings them all to life.

For those who love our little furry friends, Ancizar delights us with his lively sculptures of Dogs and Cats. Pair these adorable pets to climb along their people.

Colorful Climber Winter Athlete: Downhill Snowboarder by Ancizar Marin at Art Leaders Gallery, voted “Michigan’s Best Fine Art Gallery” is located in the heart of West Bloomfield. This full service fine art gallery is the destination for all your art and custom picture framing needs. Our extensive inventory of art includes styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. The gallery represents international, national, and emerging new talent as well as local Michigan artists.Go for the Gold with Summer and Winter Athletes 

If heights is not your thing, perhaps a day at the beach is what you need. Take the plunge with one of Ancizar’s Divers or ride the big-one with his Surfers. Cowabunga! Just like the Climbers, each sculpture is available in various colors and poses. The Surfers ride the waves on stainless steel surfboards. Order the Divers in a set to show the complete progression of a perfect 10 dive!

Since it’s still February, the Winter Athletes Series of sculptures is certainly a great place to start your collection! Snowboarders, Skiers, and Speed Skaters can be arranged to glide down the summit of your wall on stainless steel boards, skis, and skates.

Attract good luck and fortune with colorful KoiColorful Wall Koi Fish by Ancizar Marin at Art Leaders Gallery, voted “Michigan’s Best Fine Art Gallery” is located in the heart of West Bloomfield. This full service fine art gallery is the destination for all your art and custom picture framing needs. Our extensive inventory of art includes styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. The gallery represents international, national, and emerging new talent as well as local Michigan artists.

You can also find serenity and peace while gazing upon your own collection of colorful Koi Fish sculptures that you can be positioned in unlimited ways. Choose from multiple colors and color combinations to suit your personal taste. As a result, they will fit in perfectly with your room’s color scheme. Custom order these Koi in up to three different colors.

You can find out more about this artist and his work – and all our artists – by contacting the gallery. Follow Art Leaders Gallery on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest artwork straight to your feed!


Published February 15, 2023

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love

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Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love curated exhibition February 1-28th Hessam Abrishami, Konstantin Savchenko, Craig Alan, & Gabe Leonard

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.” – Nat King Cole

Passionate embraces, romantic strolls, and whispers of sweet nothings; February sparks the hopeless romantic in us all. As a result, we have curated an exhibition of artists celebrating that crazy little thing called Love.

Hessam Abrishami

Love and laughter, music and dance fill Hessam’s boldly colorful paintings. The artist’s romantic paintings focus on the love between couples. His use of soft lines and vibrant colors emphasizes a passionate energy between the figures. Thus these enticing works of art inspire the lovers in us all. Shower your love with Adoration, because you’re Crazy in Love, and want to ask them “Be My Valentine forever”.

View Hessam Abrishami’s full collection

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love After-Solitude by Hessam Abrishami. Hessam paints abstract, contemporary figures interacting with each other and stunning environments. Each painting is full of vibrant colors, and bold shapes to create stunning compositions.

Adoration, My Valentine, & After Solitude Limited Edtions by Hessam Abrishami

Konstantin Savchenko

The Contemporary Impressionist Konstantin Savchenko draws inspiration from the great artists like Vincent Van Gogh. His impasto style comes to life using only oil paints and a palette knife. Dive into his romantic landscapes as you and love stroll through an colorful park. Or perhaps, instead of flowers that only last a few weeks, gift his beautifully textured florals that are sure to become a cherished family heirloom.

View Konstantin Savchenko’s Full Collection

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love Rose Thicket III by Konstantin Savchenko. Original oil painting of red, pink, and white roses with greenery on canvas framed and displayed in a modern farmhouse style room.

Rose Thicket III By Konstantin Savchenko – 59 x 36 (unframed)

Craig Alan

Celebrate Love with a creative homage to the great Pop artists like Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, Robert Indiana, and Roy Lichtenstein. Whether you celebrate love between partners or love for humanity, Craig Alan’s work sparks something in everyone. Look closely in the Populus crowds and find lovers, love seekers, or perhaps groups coming together for the good of the world.

View Craig Alan’s Full Collection

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love Creature Condition, All You Need Is, Everyone, Kiss - artwork by Craig Alan as a part of the populus collection

Creature Condition, All You Need Is, Everyone, & Kiss by Craig Alan

Gabe Leonard

Wild West vixens, sultry office affairs, and gangster romance fill Gabe Leonard’s paintings. These cinematic paintings showcase the artist’s unique style that feels like stills of a film. Leonard is attracted to the rugged and romantic elements of film noir, so he merges technically figurative painting with a finely crafted ambience. As a result, his unique paintings draw us into a rich world of cinema.

View Gabe Leonard’s Full Collection

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love Alibi by Gabe Leonard in blue and champagne frame on dark gray wall


Shop the Lovers and Romance exhibition 

You can find out more about these artists and their work by contacting the gallery. You can also follow Art Leaders Gallery on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest artwork straight to your feed!

Published February 1, 2023

New Year, New Artists, New Art

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New Contemporary Artwork for the New Year

As we ring in the new year, we are offered a fresh beginning with a new set of goals and the motivation we need to achieve them. Whether your goals are personal, or business related, one cannot deny the impact that our surroundings have on how inspired we feel every day. Discover new works by new artists, on display at Art Leaders Gallery. Let us help you find the perfect artwork to uplift your space and your spirit this year!

Isabelle Scheltjens – Contemporary Mosaic Glass Portraits

Isabelle creates alluring portraits made from colorful mosaic glass pieces. First, she melts together different colors, textures, and sizes of glass. Then, she organizes the pieces into captivating glass portraits. She considers her work a form of contemporary pointillism where the colorful glass pieces are like the dots of paint used by pointillists. According to Isabelle, “Distance creates beauty”. Her work is a testament to the idea that everything looks better from a distance. Someone Who Cares is a stunning example of her work.

Someone Who Cares by Isabelle Scheltjens at Art Leaders Gallery

Jeff Honsberger – Colorful Crystal Cubes

Jeff’s passion for glass was sparked while gallery hopping in Naples, Florida. He soon began training from some of the world’s most renowned glass artists. Jeff is one of few artists to create sculptures using a cold glass method as opposed to traditional hot glass. He uses a building block method of assembling optical crystal to create his colorful and dynamic cubes, such as the Balos Cube shown below. Furthermore, the cubes sit on a rotating pedestal to display different colors and patterns depending on the viewpoint.

Balos Cuby by Jeff Honsberger at Art Leaders Gallery

Debbie Moore – Contemporary Abstract Paintings

Debbie has always been fascinated with color, texture, and trying new things within her artwork. She says, “I am a sucker for how color makes me feel, alive and joyful.” She loves to experiment and add unusual elements to her work. Debbie appreciates those wondrous moments of discovery that we experience as children, and she strives to bring this act into her work. For example, her works feature abstracted elements that provoke viewers to rediscover recognizable elements in their lives. What elements can you recognize in her painting, Dappled Light?

Dappled Light by Debbie Moore at Art Leaders Gallery

Christopher Peter – Mixed Media Silhouettes

Christopher Peter creates images that blur the line between portraiture and dynamic abstract painting. He uses unconventional materials to create contemporary mixed media silhouettes. For instance, he includes handmade paper, marbled textiles, vintage roadmaps, and repurposed book pages in his work. He combines these materials with classic oil and acrylic paints to create bold silhouettes, such as Born to Bloom II, filled with delicate texture and color.

Born to Bloom Silhouette II by Christopher Peter at Art Leaders Gallery


You can find out more about these artists and their work by contacting the gallery. Follow Art Leaders Gallery on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest artwork straight to your feed!



2023 Pantone Color of the Year: Digital Lavender

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Living in Digital Lavender – The Pantone Color of the Year

Published on October 18th, 2022

What color is calming, inviting, optimistic and often associated with peace? Lavender! Not only does this light shade of purple have a relaxing effect, but also the scent of lavender is known to promote relaxation and treat anxiety and depression. Read more about this year’s color of the year in MidWest Homes recent article. With Digital Lavender as the Pantone color of the year, we can officially name 2023 the year of relaxation!

As you redecorate for the new year, work on your renovation projects, or perhaps even design your new home, keep lavender on your mind as a potential color option. In fact, many of our artists here at Art Leaders Gallery, utilize lavender in their color palettes. Color effects our moods, thoughts and behaviors, so why not bring creativity, peace and serenity into your home with Lavender. Below find four of our favorite available artworks that have hints of Pantone’s color of the year, Digital Lavender, in them.

Translucency by Anna Razumovskaya

Contemporary Painting of female in purple gown

Born to Bloom by Christopher Peter

Panton Color of the Year - Digital lavender in Christopher Peter's artwork

Still Life with Iris and Lace by Alexander Volkov

Alexander Volkov print with Digital Lavender colored Irises

Read more about the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year’s trending color palette on Stories View’s lifestyle blog!

Follow the gallery on instagram for more art updates.

Gallery Favorites – Textured Oil Paintings

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Textured oil paintings at Art Leaders GalleryImpasto Style, Textured Oil Paintings

Published October 13th, 2022

Texture can affect mood and influence the meaning we perceive in art. For example, in oil paintings, texture can add space and depth to a painting. One way to create texture is to use a process called impasto by applying thick layers of paint, keeping the physical marks made by the artist for visual effect. Additionally, using textures can give weight, distance, and gravity to artwork, portraying dramatic emotions.

Several of our artists use impasto as a technique to create dynamic oil paintings. Below are three of our favorite textured oil paintings currently available in the gallery!

Afternoon Break by Konstantin Savchenko

World renowned artist, Konstantin Savchenko creates paintings in an impasto style, using thick layers of oil paint. Furthermore, each painting is a study of blending paint with palette knife to create stunning landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and florals. Afternoon Break is the perfect addition to a warm and cozy living space.


Wave Break by Andrii Afanasiev

Andrii Afanasiev’s escape paintings exude peace and tranquility. The texture used to create the waves crashing on the beach emulates the calming sound of water hitting the shore. Wave Break is most definitely a gallery favorite!

Wave Break by Andrii Afanasiev Art Leaders Gallery

Evening Out by Anastasiya Skryleva

Anastasiya Skryleva’s oil paintings are heavily textured and complex. For example, she utilizes deep tones and layered colors to create stirring images that speak to the viewer. Evening Out, is the perfect example of Skryleva’s use of texture to create depth between the flowers and the figure.

You can find out more about these artists and their work by contacting the gallery. In fact, many of these artists even create custom commissions!

Follow the gallery on Instagram and Facebook to get all our gallery favorites straight to your feed!

Figurative Art – From Traditional to Contemporary

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Five Figurative Artists You’ll Love

Published on August 20th, 2022

Some of the most influential and well-known works of art connect us to the human figure. For example – The Mona Lisa, The Scream, The Birth of Venus – all speak to us through the human figure. Figurative art, whether traditional and representational or contemporary and abstract, creates a human element and a captivating presence in your home. Whether it be an expression, an action, or simply a familiar face, when we look at the human figure on a painting, we are able to make connections to our own lives.

Here at the gallery, we have a wide selection of figurative paintings, prints, and sculptures. Anna Razumovskaya’s contemporary impressionist painting bring us romance, while Gabe Leonards cinematic, story-telling paintings bring us drama. Figurative art from traditional to contemporary can compliment just about any space. Finally, below you will find five of our favorite figurative artworks that can impact any space.

Beauty of Dark by Hessam Abrishami

Beauty of Dark by Hessam Abrishami, Figurative Art from traditional to contemporary

Hessam Abrishami, Beauty of Dark, Ltd. Ed. Giclee on Canvas, 36″ x 48″

Loving the Spin by Anna Razumovskaya

Anna Razumovskaya, Loving the Spin, Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas

Anna Razumovskaya, Loving the Spin, Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas

Gold Leaf by Kerri Warner

Gold Leaf by Kerri Warner at Art Leaders Gallery

Kerri Warner, Gold Leaf, Mixed Media on Board, 48″ x 72″

Rossetto II by Pietro Adamo

Rossetto II by Pietro Adamo

Pietro Adamo, Rossetto II, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48″ x 24″

Lip Gloss is for Girls by Gabe Leonard

Lip Gloss is For Girls by Gabe Leonard

Gabe Leonard, Lip Gloss is for Girls, Ltd. Ed. on Canvas

Find a piece of art that speaks to you! You can find our contemporary and traditional figurative artists here:  Browse All Artists.

Anna Razumovskaya | Hessam Abrishimi | Kerri Warner | Pietro Adamo | Gabe Leonard

Contact the Gallery for more information on starting your own collection of figurative art, from traditional to contemporary. Additionally, you can follow the gallery on Instagram for gallery updates!

Figurative Abstract Paintings by Rodney E. Denne

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Artist Spotlight

Detroit Artist Rodney E. Denne (RED)

Published on March 18th, 2022

Rodney Denne is a Detroit artist, known for creating dynamic figurative abstract paintings. Denne creates large bodies of work using both bold, vibrant colors and thick mono-chromatic texture. In his collage and more colorful works, he adds imagery of cars, nature, robotics, and the human body to symbolize grounding. However, in his highly textured black and white paintings, bold abstract figure-like shapes juxtapose delicate background patterns. Through this process, immersive concepts emerge in his paintings. As a result, Denne’s work brings interest, vibrancy, and thoughtfulness into our lives. Denne expresses, “I am nature; a part of all things. I feel my art must come from within.” 

Read Denne’s feature article in the West Bloomfield City Lifestyle magazine, highlighting his artistic inspiration and background. The article is written by Amy Niezur and originally published in the June 2022 issue.

Painting Process  

Denne creates his dramatic pieces with oil sticks and various other medium. This allows him to produce expressive line work and unique imagery. Similarly, in his collage works, he layers a variety of mediums. Subsequently, the layers create a depth that is unique to his work alone. In his own words, “I work on both painting styles at one time. I’m divided by the figure and color, as well as black and white. I find the need to fulfill both desires in the creation of my paintings.”



Heavy With Welcome by Rodney E. Denne

Heavy with Welcome by Rodney E. Denne

Past and Present

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1971, Denne was drawn to art at the age of four. Memories of his years of service in the US Air Force influence his work. After serving in the military, Denne studied under artist Bob Jacobson. Later, he received a BA in Art and Religious Studies from Saint Mary’s College of California. Later, he then gained gallery representation at the age of 27. He describes himself as an abstract expressionist and a contemporary figure painter. His mid-century modern style infuses with his personal experiences to create dramatic compositions. His emotional, large-scaled figures encapsulate viewers through their textural patterns. Accordingly, each painting has a title that reflects a personal connection to Denne’s past and present.

Furthermore, he claims to be a product of urban and suburban environments. In effect, such duality is infused in his work. Denne states, “Within the background of my paintings, I use the images and words of mysticism, religion, myth and the Divine unknown.” He draws influence from the mid-century European art movement COBRA. In addition, his work also falls in line with artists such as Paul Klee, Franz Klein, Bob Thompson, CY Twombly, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, and William De-Kooning.

The works of art that give Denne international recognition reside in select fine art galleries and private collections throughout the United Sates as well as Europe. You can stay up to date with his latest works by following our Facebook or Instagram page


Exposed by Rodney Denne (RED)

Exposed by Rodney E. Denne (RED)

Figurative Abstract Commissions

Rodney E. Denne uses unique methods to convey strong statements in his figurative abstract paintings. Denne offers custom commissions for clients. These striking paintings work well with a variety of decor. A bold colorful painting will liven up your space. Conversely, a more neutral black and white painting adds texture to your space. In essence, Denne will be sure to create something remarkable for you. Currently, Denne’s work is available exclusively through Art Leaders Gallery

Family Triptych by Rodney E. Denne


Custom Commissioned Artwork – The Perfect Home Addition

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Custom commissioned artwork – could it be exactly what’s been missing from your home?

Published on December 9th, 2022

We all know the feeling – you search and search for the perfect piece of art to tie a meticulously curated room together, and just when you think you’ve found it, the size isn’t right. The color that you thought was the perfect shade of blue looks way too dark once you get it home. While it can seem like an impossible task, finding the perfect artwork for your space can be as easy as measuring a wall or bringing in a paint swatch to Art Leaders Gallery. Custom commissioned artwork could be the solution you have been searching for.

Custom painting for a client to match her window treatments

The importance of finding the right artwork

Art has a unique ability to take an ordinary room and turn it into a luxurious space. You should look forward to spending time in every room in your home. Art sparks emotions of excitement, tranquility, and inspiration. The perfect piece of artwork exists, sometimes it just hasn’t been created yet.

K. Nari

Bohemian Daisies by K. Nari

Why choose commissioned artwork?

At Art Leaders Gallery, several of our artists offer custom commissioned artwork for clients. If you fall in love with a particular painting, but the size is too small, this may be a great option for you. For example, an artist can make a similar custom painting, but in a larger size to fit your space. If you love a certain artist’s style, but you are looking for something with pops of color to match your window treatments or accent chair, chances are, the artist can make a custom painting in your colors.

Our local artists are very timely in creating custom commissioned artwork for clients. Many artists guarantee their work. For example, you will not be obligated to purchase the commission if it is not what you expect. However, this has never happened. Oftentimes, clients are shocked at how perfect a piece turns out. It’s hard not to love a painting when it meets all your specifications and still turns out better than you could have imagined. If you have fallen in love with the work of an artist who is not local, the artist will send photos of commissioned artwork for approval before it ships. This will ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Bending Steel Series by Ken Rausch at Art Leaders Gallery

Bending Steel Series by Ken Rausch

How to get started choosing your own custom artwork

Our artists welcome commissioned work because it means that you love their work enough to ask them to do something special just for you. You receive one-of-a-kind, unique, handmade artwork specific to you and your home. It doesn’t get more personal than that. At Art Leaders Gallery, we walk you through the whole process from beginning to end. We can photoshop artwork into your space for your consideration. In this sense, you can get an idea of what the work will look like in your home. We help you choose the correct measurements, communicate with the artist, and send you photos for approval. In addition, we offer in home consultation as well as delivery and installation. It has never been so easy to get the perfect fit for your home. Let us help you find your perfect match by stopping into the gallery and scheduling your consultation today!

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Top 5 Holiday Gift Guide

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Top 5 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are right around the corner, and nothing says ‘thoughtful’ quite like artwork. Choose a unique gift to suit an individual’s taste and personality. This will result in one of the most meaningful gifts of all. Gifting artwork is a wonderful way to add to the art collection of someone you love. Likewise, it can inspire appreciation for the arts in someone who has yet to discover the wonderful impact that art makes in enhancing the richness of everyday life. If you love the idea of giving someone a unique gift that they are sure to love for years to come, check out our top 5 holiday gift guide below.

Art is sentimental. Every time the recipient looks at the artwork, they are reminded of you. As a result, they will cherish and appreciate a work that they may not have picked out for themselves. Art is a timeless gift that will last more than a lifetime. It is enjoyed not only by the owner but can be enjoyed for generations as a family heirloom to be cherished throughout the years.

Published on November 17th, 2021

1. Houston Llew Spiritiles

Houston Llew Spiritiles are handcrafted with glass and copper. These beautiful tiles are the ultimate sentimental gift. For instance, they commemorate many of life’s memorable occasions. In addition to beautiful imagery, each beautiful Spiritile tells a story, with a quote that runs along the outer edge of each tile. Each tile can stand alone or be hung on a wall. They are collectable fine artworks that celebrate special moments in time. To learn more about Houston Llew Spiritiles, click here.

A few of our favorite Spiritiles are:

“What if I fall? Oh, but what if you fly!” – Erin Hanson
Take Off – #164

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” -Anthony Brandt
Family Tree – #223


“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where once there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell
Secret Garden – #261

 Click here to see our full collection of Houston Llew Spiritiles.


2. Thad Markham Fruit Sculptures

Thad Markham’s fruit sculptures are perfect for the person in your life who loves fun and has a wonderful sense of humor. For example, with his Out of the Bowl series, Markham literally brings fruits and vegetable to life. Each sculpture is hand painted and meticulously designed. Markham creates fun and whimsical sculptures that add joy and life to any space.

Last Tango Before Breakfast by Thad Markham at Art Leaders Gallery, voted “Michigan’s Best Fine Art Gallery” is located in the heart of West Bloomfield. This full service fine art gallery is the destination for all your art and custom picture framing needs. Our extensive inventory of art includes styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. The gallery represents international, national, and emerging new talent as well as local Michigan artists.

Last Tango Before Breakfast

Peace of Pie by Thad Markham at Art Leaders Gallery, voted “Michigan’s Best Fine Art Gallery” is located in the heart of West Bloomfield. This full service fine art gallery is the destination for all your art and custom picture framing needs. Our extensive inventory of art includes styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. The gallery represents international, national, and emerging new talent as well as local Michigan artists.

Peace of Pie

orange, lemon, lime, chili, and lime dancing

Happy Hour

Click here to see our full collection of Thad Markham fruit sculptures.

3. Borowski Glass – Adorable Holiday Gifts

Borowski Glass Studio began in the early 1990’s by a father, his three sons, and their love for the art of making glass. Therefore, all Borowski glass sculptures are constructed of meticulously sourced fine Polish glass. From this glass, the most bold and whimsical characters are born. Consequently, these avant-garde sculptures are the perfect marriage of fine art and fun.

Snippy Queen in Yellow by Borowski Glass Studio. Art Leaders Gal

Snippy – Small Paperweight

Kiwi – Paperweight

Moonky – Sculpture

Click here to see our full collection of Borowski Glass.

4. Ancizar Marin Colorful Climbers as Gifts

Ancizar Marin creates bold, colorful, and exciting climbers, winter athletes, and koi fish that interact with one another and your space. First, each figure is handcrafted with fiberglass and volcanic rock. Next, it is painted, and signed by the artist. Each one of these active athletes is customizable in pose and color and can be arranged however you like in your space.

Colorful Wall Climber #17

Winter Athlete: Half Pipe Snowboarder

Colorful Koi Fish

Click here to see the full collection of climber poses and colors.

5. Art Glass Accessories

Art Leaders Gallery is proud to offer a wide selection of carefully curated art glass. These unique glass sculptures are both visually stunning and sentimental. As a result, they make the perfect addition to a mantlepiece or displayed in a curio cabinet.

Stephen Schlanser’s Literature Book
Kiln Fired Glass in Gold or Silver Leaf with various text options.

Click here to see more from Stephen Schlanser and learn more about his unique artistic process.

Harold Lustig’s Optical Crystal Cubes
Di-Chroic, optically pure K-9 Crystal available in multiple sizes
$195.00 – $2,500.00

Click here to see our available collection of Optical Crystal.

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The Floral Still Life: Its Stems and Roots

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The Floral Still Life

Published June 26th, 2018

In this month’s exhibition we’re celebrating flowers and their appearance in various artwork styles from traditional to contemporary. The roots of this subject matter, so to speak, lie within the still life.

The still life grew in popularity, especially in northern Europe, during the 17th century. The intention of the still life at this time was to teach a moral lesson. This was to remind the viewer of the transience of life. Each bloom was imbued with a personal, cultural, or even religious significance. Wilting flowers reminded the viewer of mortal life, lilies indicated the Virgin Mary, and pink roses signified love, etc. Despite their beauty and significance, “floral still life” as a subject matter remained at the bottom of the painting hierarchy, trailing far behind grandiose history paintings.

“ . . . Even if the painter of flowers need not make the same studies to make or conquer the same difficulties as the history painter, does that mean flower painting is a lower or more limited genre?”—a review of the 1817 Salon

In the 19th century, French realists and impressionists alike began to move away from painting still lives as Memento Mori/Vanitas artworks and began to paint scenes of everyday life –their objects and subjects –for their own sake. This shift was very unpopular; the painting was no longer edifying –just beautiful. Can you imagine a time when the impressionist “still life” was considered “modern” and ruffled the feathers of traditionalists? To best appreciate this genre, it’s important to understand that even the simplest subject matter faced criticism.

“(The) poor fabricators of still lifes, who have been so violently disbarred just when they least expected it . . . [T]hey are multiplying at an alarming rate. The rats in the Paris sewers are less numerous and less menacing. If the academic order ever crumbles, it will be because the still-life painters, down below, have gnawed away, one by one, at its foundations.”—Critic Jules Castagnary, writing about the Salon des refusés in 1863

Here are some quotations from the floral artists from the 1800s to help give some context to this genre (and perhaps redeem the critics’ harsh reviews with some romanticism). Enjoy this behind-the-scenes glimpse of still lifes and their hidden roots!

  • “I am following nature without being able to grasp her, I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” – Claude Monet
  • “I must have flowers, always, and always.” – Claude Monet 
  • “A painter can say all he wants to with fruit or flowers or even clouds.” – Edouard Manet
  • “How right it is to love flowers and the greenery of pines and ivy and hawthorn hedges; they have been with us from the very beginning.” – Vincent Van Gough
  • “I am working at it every morning from sunrise on, for the flowers fade so soon, and the thing is to do the whole in one rush.” – Vincent Van Gough
  • “What seems to me to be one of the most important things about our movement is that we have freed painting from the tyranny of subject-matter. I am free to paint flowers and call them flowers, without having to weave a story round them.” – Pierre Auguste Renoir 
  • ” . . . I think that nothing is more difficult for a true painter than to paint a rose, since before he can do so, he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted.” – Henri Matisse

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