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Christopher Peter Mixed Media Silhouettes

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Silhouettes by Christopher Peter at Art Leaders Gallery

Christopher Peter: Breathtaking, Ethereal Silhouettes 

Published October 4th, 2022

As art lovers, we are constantly searching for that one painting that makes you stop in your tracks and say, “Wow, that is breathtaking.” That is how we felt when we first saw Christopher Peter’s mixed media silhouettes. His work adds vibrancy, pattern, texture, and life to living spaces. You can now view his work in person at the gallery!

Known for using unconventional materials, Christopher’s mixed media silhouettes blur the line between portraiture and vibrant abstract painting. Combining these elements creates a personal narrative between the viewer and the work. He creates his mixed media paintings by hand and is a celebration of color, movement, and light.

His work is a reflection of his ultimate goal – using art to explore the relationship between ourselves and how we experience our surroundings. To achieve this goal, Christopher’s mixed media silhouettes often includes handmade papers, vintage roadmaps, and repurposed books in addition to acrylic and oil paints. Below, read about Christopher’s inspiration, his studio life, and his color palette!

Christopher Peter in his painting studio

What do you do to find inspiration for your mixed media silhouettes?

“My silhouette paintings are inspired by a craft that my grandmother used to do as a kid. She would have a family member sit down and then shine a light on their face and trace the shadow and cut out the tracing on paper. She did it extensively; I have a cutout that she made of my mom in second grade.  As an adult making art, I keep returning to that, and I keep trying to push that as far as I can. There’s a slightly different approach depending on whether I’m creating the painting as a custom commissioned piece. In general I start by photographing a model in my studio. I’ve painted friends, acquaintances, peers, even the woman who drives the bus that went past my old studio. Anyone interested in the work and wants to be a part of the story can be!”

Christopher Peter with students at his studio

What does a typical day in the studio look like for you?

“I have a pretty steady studio schedule. My alarm goes off at 6:00 or 7:00 depending on the day. I wake up, drink some coffee, pack up breakfast and lunch, and ride my bike to my studio space. My studio is a bit unique in that its in a retail gallery space in the heart of SOWA (the art district in Boston). I am open to the public so I get quite a few visitors!  It’s really fun to engage with the community in that way. There’s always exciting new work in progress, work that’s finished, and pieces that is shipping out. The whole process is on full display.

I paint for about 8 hours each day. I’ll typically choose a particular pose to fit an idea, style, dimension, and palette, then I’ll get to work on the painting. I paint everything unstretched, with the canvas cut from a massive roll that is tacked flat to my work surface. By building the piece in layers I am able to see the entire surface develop in stages. In fact, the entire prep layer is developed simultaneously and then the underpainting is next. After the underpainting, I add layers of paint, layers of collage, layers of paint, collage, until the piece starts to make sense. It tells me where to go and what to do.

Once I render the portrait and the negative space is realized, I untack it from the wall and build the stretcher bars and brace. Then, I stretch it and varnish and install the wire for hanging.  The entire piece is done completely by hand.  If the painting is a commission, the client and their designer or gallerist are all included in this process. Bringing the vision to life is such a wonderful feeling!”

Christopher Peter Silhouettes in Studio

What is your ideal color palette to work with?

“I tend to gravitate towards blue/cream/black/silver/gold and my favorite white is Snow White.  Additionally, I respond really well to surfaces that have a really subtle shimmer. I love it when a painting really comes alive in different lighting conditions.  It’s almost like the piece has a life of its own!  After about a decade of experimenting I’ve found myself returning to a handful of specific mineral paints like stainless steel and micaceous iron oxide to achieve that quality.”

View more of Christopher’s work available on our website, or check out to view more of his process and installation examples!

Custom Commission your own Contemporary Fine Art

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Commissioned Art for your home or office

Published September 30th, 2022

You did it.
You found an artist you LOVE….but they don’t have anything in the size you need!

Sometimes you fall in love with an artist’s work, but want something customized to fit your décor, colors, and style. More commonly, you might be restricted by size for a specific spot in your home or office. Not to worry, many artists are happy to customize paintings or sculptures for their collectors.

Many times, we have successfully worked with collectors and artists to help define and execute their unique vision. From original paintings to glass wall sculptures, have your preferred art piece customized to fit your needs. Below, find three stunning examples of contemporary art commissions that we have coordinated for our collectors.

Kerri Warner

Contemporary Figurative Art Commission

One of our collectors fell in love with the work o of our newest mixed media artists, Kerri Warner. In particular, they loved Warner’s piece titled “Gold Leaf”, but they needed something smaller in different colors to fit a particular spot in their home. The commission turned out perfect, and the artist was even able to incorporate the collectors’ names into their commission. Check out the finished product below!

Kerri Warner Contemporary Art Commission

Inspiration – ‘Gold Leaf’ by Kerri Warner

Renato Foti

Contemporary Glass Art Commission

Another collector was looking for something to fill an alcove at the end of their hallway. After visiting the collector’s home for an art consultation, the collector decided to have a custom glass wall sculpture made by Renato Foti. We were able to work with the collector to customize the colors of sculpture to pull in colors from her home décor. In fact, we gave the artist the colors to ensure the artwork would work perfectly. View the final piece below!

Custom Commission by Renato Foti

Inspiration – “Retro Prism Series” by Renato Foti

Antonio Molinari

Contemporary Abstract Art Commission

Abstract artist, Antonio Molinari, creates large scale paint pours filled with layered veils of color. One admirer of the Detroit artist’s work loved the idea of having a diptych commissioned. Well-versed in custom commissions, Molinari was able to create a diptych painting similar to the one that our collector originally had her eye on. Commissioning a diptych based on “Botanical Reflection” solved the long wall problem that the collector faced, just in time for her to host a family dinner in her new home. Now that is truly a fairy tale ending.

Antonio Molinari Custom Commission

Inspiration – “Botanical Reflection” by Antonio Molinari

To have your own contemporary art commissioned, contact the gallery today!

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Brighten your Home with a Limited Edition Print by Anna Razumovskaya

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Figurative and Floral Limited Edition Prints 

Anna Razumovskaya's Painting Process

Anna Razumovskaya’s Painting Process, Photo from Anna Art Publishing

Published on August 24th, 2022

Have you ever thought about adding a piece of fine art to your home or office to enhance the atmosphere? Our gallery has plenty of artwork for you to choose from, in particular, work by Russian artist Anna Razumovskaya. Fine art by Razumovskaya will add a sophisticated touch to your home or office.

Razumovskaya’s paintings combine classical style with a contemporary art twist and a dynamic expressive technique, resulting in the artist’s distinctive fresh and modern style. All of the artist’s work are hand-embellished in both limited edition and artist proof sets. Additionally, they all come with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist. Further, all the artwork has a special varnish to protect against UV, moisture, and scratches.

New Collection – Figurative and Floral Prints

Limited Edition Prints by Anna Razumovskaya are part of her newest collection. The collection includes stunning florals and fun figurative prints perfect for your home or office. The paintings of the world-renowned artist capture the elegance of the female, depicting graceful women in colorful gowns in her paintings, complemented by impressionist backgrounds that give more definition to her romantic, sensual figures.

In the new collection, Razumovskaya introduces a modern twist into her work by including nostalgic items such as a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal. In addition, the Artist’s new floral artworks showcase her expressive technique and use of vibrant color.

The latest artwork of Anna Razumovskaya is available to view in the gallery and online! Razumovskaya currently lives and works in Toronto and has had solo shows in New York, Paris, Amsterdam, and across the UK. After graduating from the Russian State University for Arts as a Master of Fine Arts in 1991, the artist studied at art schools in Germany, Belgium, and Holland.

My Sweet Memories 2 by Anna Razumovskaya at Art Leaders Gallery

My Sweet Memoires II

Lovely To Look At by Anna Razumovskaya at Art Leaders Gallery

Lovely to Look At

View Anna’s Floral Prints

End of Evening 1 by Anna Razumovskaya at Art Leaders Gallery

End of Evening I

View Anna’s Figurative Prints

Are you ready to bring some beautiful artwork into your home?

Visit Anna’s artist page to view  her artwork!

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Figurative Art – From Traditional to Contemporary

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Five Figurative Artists You’ll Love

Published on August 20th, 2022

Some of the most influential and well-known works of art connect us to the human figure. For example – The Mona Lisa, The Scream, The Birth of Venus – all speak to us through the human figure. Figurative art, whether traditional and representational or contemporary and abstract, creates a human element and a captivating presence in your home. Whether it be an expression, an action, or simply a familiar face, when we look at the human figure on a painting, we are able to make connections to our own lives.

Here at the gallery, we have a wide selection of figurative paintings, prints, and sculptures. Anna Razumovskaya’s contemporary impressionist painting bring us romance, while Gabe Leonards cinematic, story-telling paintings bring us drama. Figurative art from traditional to contemporary can compliment just about any space. Finally, below you will find five of our favorite figurative artworks that can impact any space.

Beauty of Dark by Hessam Abrishami

Beauty of Dark by Hessam Abrishami, Figurative Art from traditional to contemporary

Hessam Abrishami, Beauty of Dark, Ltd. Ed. Giclee on Canvas, 36″ x 48″

Loving the Spin by Anna Razumovskaya

Anna Razumovskaya, Loving the Spin, Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas

Anna Razumovskaya, Loving the Spin, Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas

Gold Leaf by Kerri Warner

Gold Leaf by Kerri Warner at Art Leaders Gallery

Kerri Warner, Gold Leaf, Mixed Media on Board, 48″ x 72″

Rossetto II by Pietro Adamo

Rossetto II by Pietro Adamo

Pietro Adamo, Rossetto II, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48″ x 24″

Lip Gloss is for Girls by Gabe Leonard

Lip Gloss is For Girls by Gabe Leonard

Gabe Leonard, Lip Gloss is for Girls, Ltd. Ed. on Canvas

Find a piece of art that speaks to you! You can find our contemporary and traditional figurative artists here:  Browse All Artists.

Anna Razumovskaya | Hessam Abrishimi | Kerri Warner | Pietro Adamo | Gabe Leonard

Contact the Gallery for more information on starting your own collection of figurative art, from traditional to contemporary. Additionally, you can follow the gallery on Instagram for gallery updates!

Ukrainian Artists

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Artist Spotlight – April

Ukrainian Artists – Konstantin Savchenko, Anastasiya Skryleva, Andrii Afansiev 

Published on April 19th, 2022

Art Leaders Gallery is proud to represent three talented Ukrainian artists. Among many well-known international and local artists, our Ukrainian artists are some of our top-selling and most gifted artists. Konstantin Savchenko, Anastasiya Skryleva, and Andrii Afanasiev are all oil painters, yet their individual styles emerge in their paintings. While each artists paints with thick texturized oil paint, their unique processes and varying subjects allow them to distinguish themselves. For our April Artist Spotlight, we are happy to showcase our Ukrainian Artists. Find their Artists Biographies below.

Konstantin Savchenko

To begin, world renowned artist, Savchenko, creates paintings that are full of color and textures. Each oil painting is a study of blending paint with palette knife to create stunning landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and florals. Further, he expresses emotion and beauty by building up his shadows and highlights with heavy text


Savchenko began traveling the world with this family at a young age. During his travels, he studied painting techniques at various exhibitions.  Furthermore, he took part in many shows while studying at the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute. His work evolved into what it is today by pushing his methods and his colorful textures. Furthermore, he now works as an Art Instructor at the Kharkov Art College.  He teaches his unique style, and his students are inspired by his artwork. His paintings are both moving and intimate due to their color and emotional subjects, such as Venetian landscapes, couples in the park, and stunning floral arrangements.

View Savchenko’s work on our website or on his instagram page!


Anastasiya Skryleva

Anastasiya was born on February 18, 1997 in Kharkov. Her life has been centered around art since she learned how hold a paintbrush. This has shaped her into the young artist she is today. In 2012 she entered the Kharkov Art College where she began her artistic training under previously mentioned, world renowned artist Konstantin Savchenko. She exhibited her work with other students and faculty in both 2013 and 2014. Since 2013, she has taken part in exhibitions of the Ukrainian Union of Artists. She also opened at the collective exhibition “New Wave” in Gallery Smalto in 2014. Canada, China, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine displayed her collections in both public and private settings.

Skryleva’s oil paintings capture deep tones and layered colors to create stirring images that speak to the viewer. Among landscapes of her native Ukraine, she favors depicting still life arrangements, and the beautiful fluidity of decorative koi fish. In the gallery, you will see many intricate floral arrangements resting on top of a female figures head. These floral portraits have become a recognized subject matter of Skryleva. Art Leaders Gallery is proud to be the first gallery in the United States to represent this young, blossoming artist.

View Skryleva’s work on our website or on his instagram page!


Andrii Afanasiev

Andrii Afanasiev has spent years studying fine arts in Ukraine. He began this passion in his youth. He received his education at the State Art College. At this time, Andrii became an apprentice in the painting department. After spending six years in school, Andrii transferred to The National Academy of Fine Arts. In addition, Andrii began his passion for art restoration. There, he received his degree in art restoration and painting. Now, he enjoys creating floral, seascape, and landscape paintings with bold texture and oil paint.

Andrii continues to build his career around painting and restoring famous fine artworks. He currently works as a master painter and fine art restorer at The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine, as well as The Museum of Theater Music and Cinema of Ukraine. With this, he learns new methods of painting texture, color, and medium.

As a result of this knowledge, he creates stunning abstract florals, and textured seascapes. Moreover, he creates large scale paintings with layers of oil to draw out texture and depth. For example, when looking at one of his seascapes, one can almost hear the waves on the ocean. Andrii is popular for his romantic, contemporary, floral paintings. He effortlessly paints his floral pieces ‘floating’ on the canvas. Andrii paints each subject with textural strokes and beautiful blends of color.  Furthermore, his stunning paintings cross boundaries between classic and contemporary.

View Afanasiev’s work on our website!

Figurative Abstract Paintings by Rodney E. Denne

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Artist Spotlight

Detroit Artist Rodney E. Denne (RED)

Published on March 18th, 2022

Rodney Denne is a Detroit artist, known for creating dynamic figurative abstract paintings. Denne creates large bodies of work using both bold, vibrant colors and thick mono-chromatic texture. In his collage and more colorful works, he adds imagery of cars, nature, robotics, and the human body to symbolize grounding. However, in his highly textured black and white paintings, bold abstract figure-like shapes juxtapose delicate background patterns. Through this process, immersive concepts emerge in his paintings. As a result, Denne’s work brings interest, vibrancy, and thoughtfulness into our lives. Denne expresses, “I am nature; a part of all things. I feel my art must come from within.” 

Read Denne’s feature article in the West Bloomfield City Lifestyle magazine, highlighting his artistic inspiration and background. The article is written by Amy Niezur and originally published in the June 2022 issue.

Painting Process  

Denne creates his dramatic pieces with oil sticks and various other medium. This allows him to produce expressive line work and unique imagery. Similarly, in his collage works, he layers a variety of mediums. Subsequently, the layers create a depth that is unique to his work alone. In his own words, “I work on both painting styles at one time. I’m divided by the figure and color, as well as black and white. I find the need to fulfill both desires in the creation of my paintings.”



Heavy With Welcome by Rodney E. Denne

Heavy with Welcome by Rodney E. Denne

Past and Present

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1971, Denne was drawn to art at the age of four. Memories of his years of service in the US Air Force influence his work. After serving in the military, Denne studied under artist Bob Jacobson. Later, he received a BA in Art and Religious Studies from Saint Mary’s College of California. Later, he then gained gallery representation at the age of 27. He describes himself as an abstract expressionist and a contemporary figure painter. His mid-century modern style infuses with his personal experiences to create dramatic compositions. His emotional, large-scaled figures encapsulate viewers through their textural patterns. Accordingly, each painting has a title that reflects a personal connection to Denne’s past and present.

Furthermore, he claims to be a product of urban and suburban environments. In effect, such duality is infused in his work. Denne states, “Within the background of my paintings, I use the images and words of mysticism, religion, myth and the Divine unknown.” He draws influence from the mid-century European art movement COBRA. In addition, his work also falls in line with artists such as Paul Klee, Franz Klein, Bob Thompson, CY Twombly, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, and William De-Kooning.

The works of art that give Denne international recognition reside in select fine art galleries and private collections throughout the United Sates as well as Europe. You can stay up to date with his latest works by following our Facebook or Instagram page


Exposed by Rodney Denne (RED)

Exposed by Rodney E. Denne (RED)

Figurative Abstract Commissions

Rodney E. Denne uses unique methods to convey strong statements in his figurative abstract paintings. Denne offers custom commissions for clients. These striking paintings work well with a variety of decor. A bold colorful painting will liven up your space. Conversely, a more neutral black and white painting adds texture to your space. In essence, Denne will be sure to create something remarkable for you. Currently, Denne’s work is available exclusively through Art Leaders Gallery

Family Triptych by Rodney E. Denne


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