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Luminosity: 2024 Curated Glass Exhibition

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Luminosity: 2024 Curated Glass Exhibition

This spring, dive into a realm where light dances and colors meld into breathtaking forms at “Luminosity,” a captivating glass art show that promises to mesmerize art enthusiasts and novices alike. With each piece, the artists invite viewers to embark on a journey of wonder and introspection, showcasing the diverse and enchanting possibilities of glass as a medium of expression.

At the core of “Luminosity” lies a celebration of the transcendent beauty of glass. From delicate sculptures to vibrant installations, the showcased works evoke awe and fascination, inviting viewers to explore the interplay of light and form. It’s not merely art to admire but an experience to deeply feel.

Balos Cuby by Jeff Honsberger at Art Leaders Gallery

“Balos Cube” by Jeff Honsberger, Crystal on Metal Turntable

The Artists

Among the featured artists stand Detroit luminaries Andrew and Robert Madvin, whose creations pulsate with energy and innovation. Their pieces reflect a deep connection to their craft and a boundless imagination, offering viewers a glimpse into their creative genius.

Isabelle Scheltjens, Renato Foti, Nicholas Stelter, Jeff Honsberger, Harold Lustig, and Borowski Glass Studio are just a few of the other talented artists whose works grace the halls of “Luminosity.” Each brings their unique perspective and mastery to the exhibition. This ensures a rich tapestry of styles and techniques for visitors to explore.

Isabelle Scheltjens and Andrew Madvin thorn vessels

Visit the Exhibit

As you roam through the exhibit, you’ll find yourself drawn to pieces that resonate with your soul. Whether it’s a shimmering vase that captures the essence of spring or a bold sculpture that demands attention. Every artwork tells a story, waiting to be discovered by those who are willing to listen.

“Luminosity” offers more than just a visual feast. It presents an opportunity to find the perfect piece to adorn your home or gift to a loved one. Whether you’re seeking a statement piece for your living room or a thoughtful present for a special occasion, the show provides an array of options to suit every taste and style.

But beyond the aesthetics, “Luminosity” serves as a reminder of the transformative power of art. In a world often overshadowed by chaos and uncertainty, these luminous creations serve as beacons of hope and inspiration. Thus, reminding us of the enduring beauty that exists all around us.

In conclusion, this spring, seize the chance to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of glass art at “Luminosity.” Let the brilliance of these works ignite your imagination. Illuminate your spirit as you discover the magic of glass in all its glory.

You can shop this exhibit online or in person at Art Leaders Gallery Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm.


Published May 1, 2024 

Beyond Boundaries: Group Exhibition & Sale

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Art Leaders Gallery group exhibition "Beyond Boundaries" August 1-31 with a reception Saturday August 24 from 6-9pm. Featuring works by Michigan Artists. Andrew Madvin, Thomas Arvid, Rodney Denne, Dane Porter, Antonio Molinari, and Robert Madvin.

Beyond Boundaries: Group Exhibition & Sale

Art Leaders Gallery will be hosting a month-long exhibition showcasing a diverse range of artwork from six talented Michigan artists. Explore unique pieces that push the limits of creativity and imagination. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience art that goes beyond boundaries!

The exhibition will run August 1-31 and is open to the public Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm. An exhibition reception with artist talks is scheduled for Saturday, August 24 from 6-9pm.

Tickets are $10 per person and will benefit the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center.
purchase tickets

Going Beyond

Art Leaders Gallery proudly presents Beyond Boundaries, a month-long exhibition that breaks conventional artistic norms. Featuring six talented Michigan artists, this showcase invites visitors to explore limitless creativity and imagination. Each piece, from vibrant paintings to intricate sculptures, pushes traditional boundaries, offering fresh perspectives. At the core of Beyond Boundaries lie the innovative creations of six Michigan-based artists, each exploring new realms of artistic expression. From vibrant paintings to intricate sculptures, this exhibition challenges norms, inviting viewers to broaden their horizons. Featured artists include Andrew and Robert Madvin, Rodney Denne, Antonio Molinari, Dane Porter, and Thomas Arvid. Beyond Boundaries celebrates the diversity and richness of Michigan’s artistic community.

Join Art Leaders Gallery on this journey of exploration and discovery. Experience the extraordinary talents of these six Michigan artists and immerse yourself in limitless creativity and imagination. Don’t miss this opportunity.

The Artists

Andrew Madvin transforms molten glass into stunning jewel toned thorn bowls. Each piece is a testament to his skill and vision, blending delicate beauty with raw, organic textures. Prepare to be mesmerized as you explore the mesmerizing forms of Madvin’s glass art, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this versatile medium.

View Andrew Madvin’s Collection

Thomas Arvid, known for his hyperrealistic paintings, invites viewers to experience the world through his meticulous brushstrokes and attention to detail. His still life compositions transport viewers to a realm where every gleam of light and every droplet of liquid is rendered with astonishing realism.

View Thomas Arvid’s Collection

With his surreal and dreamlike imagery, Rodney Denne infuses the exhibition with a sense of whimsy and wonder. Denne’s artworks invite viewers to explore the depths of their imagination and contemplate the mysteries of the universe through a harmonious blend of fantasy and reality. Prepare to be transported to otherworldly realms as you immerse yourself in Denne’s enchanting artworks, which challenge perceptions and ignite the imagination.

View Rodney Denne’s Collection

Dane Porter’s sculptures testify to the transformative power of art, transcending the boundaries of form and function. With his innovative use of materials and techniques, Porter crafts sculptures that are visually striking and conceptually rich, inviting viewers to contemplate the nature of existence. Experience the beauty and complexity of Porter’s sculptures, which push the boundaries of traditional sculpture and prompt viewers to see the world in a new light.

Antonio Molinari’s abstract compositions captivate with bold colors and dynamic forms, inviting viewers to lose themselves in a world of pure emotion and expression. Through his fearless exploration of abstraction, Molinari pushes the boundaries of traditional art forms, challenging viewers to see the world in a new light.

View Antonio Molinari’s Collection

Inspired by the natural world, Robert Madvin elevates glass art with his stunning stacked stone glass sculptures. Madvin’s sculptures capture the essence of rugged landscapes and ancient geological formations. He meticulously crafts each piece, layering individual glass elements to create intricate compositions that evoke a sense of wonder and awe.

View Robert Madvin’s Collection

A Charitable Contribution

Art Leaders Gallery will be raising money to benefit Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center (BBAC) during the Beyond Boundaries Exhibition. We will be pledging 5% of all August sales generated from the six featured artist and all proceeds from the reception ticket sales.

About the BBAC

The Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, founded in 1957, serves the Detroit region’s visual arts community. Our mission is “to connect people of all ages and abilities with visual arts education, exhibition, and other creative experiences.”  We do this by offering classes, exhibits, workshops, camps, and events to the public.  Our exhibits are always free and open to the public. Also, scholarships are available for adults or youth classes.  Nearly 6,000 individuals from Southeast Michigan benefit from art opportunities every year.  Whether  through art-looking and discussion or learning a new skill in drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry/metalsmithing, printmaking, ceramics and fiber arts, the BBAC promotes the creative process.

Our support of artists includes not only exhibitions, but also retail space that facilitates partnerships with local artists.  Our Gallery Shop, open year-round, hosts over 75 artists.  During the month of December, the BBAC hosts the annual Holiday Shop.  Participation well exceeds 100 artists throughout the region.

 Finally, BBAC outreach programs, ArtAccess, provide authentic art experiences for those with limited access and varied challenges. For example, people with physical limitations due to age; cognitive disabilities; or geographic restrictions are likely program participants.

 The BBAC has been place-making for decades.  With three generations of artists, students, and art-lovers, our facility is called “home” by many. We are proud of the diverse mix of ages, nationalities, and religions that come from more than 100 Michigan cities. The number and variety of classes, exhibitions, and events also serve regional artists and draw regional audiences.

For more information about the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, please visit

Published May 1st, 2024

Exploring Helen Frankenthaler’s Captivating Paintings from the 1990s

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Abstract Expressionist painter Helen Frankenthaler in 1990

Helen Frankenthaler, 1990 | Image Credit Yousuf Karsh

Exploring Helen Frankenthaler’s Captivating Paintings from the 1990s

Helen Frankenthaler was a trailblazing artist known for her innovative techniques and profound contributions to Abstract Expressionism. Her art continued to captivate art collectors throughout the 1990s. This era marked a period of evolution leading to the creation of a series of mesmerizing paintings that showcased her mastery of color, form, and emotion. In this blog post, we delve into the enchanting world of Helen Frankenthaler’s paintings from the 1990s, thus exploring their significance and enduring allure.

The Essence of Color and Emotion

During the 1990s, Helen Frankenthaler’s work took on a renewed sense of introspection. Color would play a central role in conveying emotion and atmosphere. Furthermore, her paintings from this era often featured vibrant, bold hues compared with delicate washes, creating a harmonious interplay of tones. “Harbor,” painted in 1995, shows this technique. Layers of translucent colors evoke a serene yet profound emotional depth, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the artist’s inner world.

Evolution of Technique

While Frankenthaler remained true to her signature “soak-stain” technique, the 1990s witnessed an evolution in her approach. Experimentation with layering and mixed colors became more pronounced, resulting in works that exuded complexity and depth. “Spring Harbor” (1996) showcases her evolving technique, with layers of paint merging seamlessly. Thus creating an intricate visual narrative that reflects the artist’s matured sensibilities.

Untitled, 1997 by Helen Frankenthaler is an original acrylic painting on paper. This abstract painting has browns, teals, yellows and purples .Framed with a white linen mat and thin gold leaf frame.

Untitled, 1997 | Framed Original Painting Available at Art Leaders Gallery

Narrative Abstraction

Frankenthaler’s paintings from the 1990s often evoke a sense of narrative abstraction. As a result, viewers are invited to interpret and connect with the artwork on a

personal level. For example, “Sunny Side Up” (1992) shows dynamic shapes and colors seem to dance across the canvas Thus, allowing for a multitude of interpretations and emotional responses. This aspect of her work underscores her ability to bridge the gap between the abstract and the tangible.

Legacy and Influence

Helen Frankenthaler’s paintings from the 1990s not only left a mark on the art world but also paved the way for contemporary artists to explore new realms of expression. Her fearless experimentation with color, technique, and emotion continues to inspire artists to push boundaries and embrace innovation.

In conclusion, Helen Frankenthaler’s paintings from the 1990s are a testament to her commitment to artistic evolution. Through her vibrant layered colors, and narrative abstraction, she invited viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and interpretation. As we reflect on this era of her artistic legacy, we are reminded of the enduring power of art to evoke emotions and ignite imaginations. For more information, visit the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation’s website.

Untitled, 1997  is available for purchase at Art Leaders Gallery. Please contact the gallery with any inquiries.

The Rare Editions of Dr. Seuss

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Dr Seuss rare works exhibition at Art Leaders Gallery

The Rare Editions of Dr. Seuss

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain.” – Dr. Seuss

Art Leaders Gallery is celebrating the one and only Dr. Seuss! For his 119th birthday, we have dedicated a month-long exhibition showcasing his unique sculptures and artworks.

The Cat Behind the Hat

Theodor “Dr.Seuss” Geisel began his career as a cartoonist in the 1920s. His unique perspective and fresh concepts launched his career. Geisel’s work evolved quickly to illustration art, unorthodox taxidermy sculptures, and secret midnight oil paintings as a result. Furthermore, his artwork is still alive today in his numerous children’s books.

Significantly, Dr. Seuss single-handedly forged a new genre of art that falls somewhere between the surrealist movement of the early 20th century and the inspired nonsense of a child’s doodles.

While Dr. Seuss protected his Secret Art from criticism, he always intended for the work to be seen when he was gone. In 1997, this dream was realized when The Art of Dr. Seuss project was launched. For the first time, collectors saw special limited editions reproduced from Ted’s original drawings and paintings. In her introduction to the collection Audrey Geisel wrote, “I remember telling Ted that there would come a day when many of his paintings would be seen and he would thus share with his fans another facet of himself—his private self. That day has come. I am glad.”

Above all, find his Limited Edition Midnight Paintings, Illustration Art, Unorthodox Taxidermy Sculptures, and Bronze Tribute Collection for sale at Art Leaders Gallery.

The Secret Art: Midnight Paintings and Unorthodox Taxidermy

“I remember telling Ted that there will come a day where many of his paintings would be seen and he would thus share with his fans another facet of himself, his private self. That day has come, and I am glad.”
– Audrey Geisel

The world knows Theodore “Dr. Seuss” Geisel as the American author that inspired generations to read. What most don’t know is that Dr. Seuss created a series of Midnight Paintings in addition to his well-known characters. These secret paintings served as creative outlets for the artist, sometimes inspiring his famous books. Like his collection of Unorthodox Taxidermy, Seuss never sold these paintings during his lifetime. He was firm that the children’s books were his career, and the paintings were a pass-time. It wasn’t until after his death, Audrey Geisel decided that the world needed to see this side of Seuss. As a result, The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection was created.


Custom Commission your own Contemporary Fine Art

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Commissioned Art for your home or office

Published September 30th, 2022

You did it.
You found an artist you LOVE….but they don’t have anything in the size you need!

Sometimes you fall in love with an artist’s work, but want something customized to fit your décor, colors, and style. More commonly, you might be restricted by size for a specific spot in your home or office. Not to worry, many artists are happy to customize paintings or sculptures for their collectors.

Many times, we have successfully worked with collectors and artists to help define and execute their unique vision. From original paintings to glass wall sculptures, have your preferred art piece customized to fit your needs. Below, find three stunning examples of contemporary art commissions that we have coordinated for our collectors.

Kerri Warner

Contemporary Figurative Art Commission

One of our collectors fell in love with the work o of our newest mixed media artists, Kerri Warner. In particular, they loved Warner’s piece titled “Gold Leaf”, but they needed something smaller in different colors to fit a particular spot in their home. The commission turned out perfect, and the artist was even able to incorporate the collectors’ names into their commission. Check out the finished product below!

Kerri Warner Contemporary Art Commission

Inspiration – ‘Gold Leaf’ by Kerri Warner

Renato Foti

Contemporary Glass Art Commission

Another collector was looking for something to fill an alcove at the end of their hallway. After visiting the collector’s home for an art consultation, the collector decided to have a custom glass wall sculpture made by Renato Foti. We were able to work with the collector to customize the colors of sculpture to pull in colors from her home décor. In fact, we gave the artist the colors to ensure the artwork would work perfectly. View the final piece below!

Custom Commission by Renato Foti

Inspiration – “Retro Prism Series” by Renato Foti

Antonio Molinari

Contemporary Abstract Art Commission

Abstract artist, Antonio Molinari, creates large scale paint pours filled with layered veils of color. One admirer of the Detroit artist’s work loved the idea of having a diptych commissioned. Well-versed in custom commissions, Molinari was able to create a diptych painting similar to the one that our collector originally had her eye on. Commissioning a diptych based on “Botanical Reflection” solved the long wall problem that the collector faced, just in time for her to host a family dinner in her new home. Now that is truly a fairy tale ending.

Antonio Molinari Custom Commission

Inspiration – “Botanical Reflection” by Antonio Molinari

To have your own contemporary art commissioned, contact the gallery today!

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The Birds and the Trees New Dr. Seuss Release

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The Water is Blue and the Birds are awake

The Birds and the Trees by Dr. Seuss

Published September 26th, 2022

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…its another incredible Dr. Seuss release!

For centuries we have pursued the ability to soar like a bird. Flight represents many things to many different people, but it undoubtably symbolizes the grace of movement and thrill of freedom. To fly is a fantasy of surreal proportions and a constant source of inspiration throughout time, especially for Theodor Seuss Geisel.

Freebird and Firebird by the Art of Dr. Seuss

“Freebird” on left, “Firebird” on right

The latest Seuss release, “The Birds and the Trees” is the sister piece to two iconic artworks, “Freebird” and “Firebird”. One of the most prolific periods of Ted’s painting career emerged in the mid-1960s. Freebird and Firebird came to life with a renewed sense of freedom, fantasy, and a lush sense of wonderment. The Birds and the Trees was also painted during this intensely creative moment.

The Birds and the Trees by Dr. Seuss

Story Behind the Birds and the Trees

Dr. Seuss witnessed the magic of flight firsthand, not only on his travels around the world, but also directly from his studio window. It was there that he watched birds migrate up and down the California coast. He watched the native birds nest within the tropical flora and fauna that populated the hillside on which he lived. The view from his studio inspired his creativity and made its way into countless paintings and book projects throughout his career.

Roughly 10 years after creating The Birds and the Trees, Ted faced physical and creative challenges. His eyesight had begun to fail. That experience shook his creative output. He had shifted to working on the smaller beginner book series and, in 1975, was assembling a book titled “Oh the Thinks you can Think!” He had begun looking back through a collection of his favorite images and ideas to be used in a new context – something he had done his entire career. However, he adapted a Secret Art painting in its entirety for the page of a children’s book.

This gorgeous artwork from Seuss’s secret art collection is sure to fly out the door! Contact the gallery today for more information. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all your fine art updates.

View more from Dr. Seuss by clicking here.

Figurative Art – From Traditional to Contemporary

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Five Figurative Artists You’ll Love

Published on August 20th, 2022

Some of the most influential and well-known works of art connect us to the human figure. For example – The Mona Lisa, The Scream, The Birth of Venus – all speak to us through the human figure. Figurative art, whether traditional and representational or contemporary and abstract, creates a human element and a captivating presence in your home. Whether it be an expression, an action, or simply a familiar face, when we look at the human figure on a painting, we are able to make connections to our own lives.

Here at the gallery, we have a wide selection of figurative paintings, prints, and sculptures. Anna Razumovskaya’s contemporary impressionist painting bring us romance, while Gabe Leonards cinematic, story-telling paintings bring us drama. Figurative art from traditional to contemporary can compliment just about any space. Finally, below you will find five of our favorite figurative artworks that can impact any space.

Beauty of Dark by Hessam Abrishami

Beauty of Dark by Hessam Abrishami, Figurative Art from traditional to contemporary

Hessam Abrishami, Beauty of Dark, Ltd. Ed. Giclee on Canvas, 36″ x 48″

Loving the Spin by Anna Razumovskaya

Anna Razumovskaya, Loving the Spin, Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas

Anna Razumovskaya, Loving the Spin, Hand-Embellished Giclee on Canvas

Gold Leaf by Kerri Warner

Gold Leaf by Kerri Warner at Art Leaders Gallery

Kerri Warner, Gold Leaf, Mixed Media on Board, 48″ x 72″

Rossetto II by Pietro Adamo

Rossetto II by Pietro Adamo

Pietro Adamo, Rossetto II, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48″ x 24″

Lip Gloss is for Girls by Gabe Leonard

Lip Gloss is For Girls by Gabe Leonard

Gabe Leonard, Lip Gloss is for Girls, Ltd. Ed. on Canvas

Find a piece of art that speaks to you! You can find our contemporary and traditional figurative artists here:  Browse All Artists.

Anna Razumovskaya | Hessam Abrishimi | Kerri Warner | Pietro Adamo | Gabe Leonard

Contact the Gallery for more information on starting your own collection of figurative art, from traditional to contemporary. Additionally, you can follow the gallery on Instagram for gallery updates!

Craig Alan – Together They Stand

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Populus by Craig Alan

Exhibition on view at Art Leaders Gallery August 1st – 31st, 2022

Published on July 26th, 2022

In recent uneasy times, many of us have seen how much we need one another. Isolation during the pandemic reminded us just how important it is to spend time with friends and loved ones. One person alone may be able to climb a mountain, but a large group of people can move that same mountain, or in Craig Alan’s case, create that mountain. Craig Alan’s Populus series is a visual reminder that humans can create something powerful together.

Hope Around the Corner by Craig Alan at Art Leaders Gallery - Mi


While he was visiting his hometown, Craig Alan found inspiration for what would become his most popular series of work. The series is composed of tiny figures, grouped together to create larger compositions of human figures, popular icons, and even abstract shapes. This series drew inspiration from a balcony overlooking Orange Beach, Alabama where people enjoying a wedding party seemed to form the shape of an eye where they stood. Furthermore, Craig explains, “Inspiration begins with a ‘What if…’ as I consider alternate imagery, surfaces, effects, results, etc. It comes from the past in conjunction with now. Like a bolt of lightning.”

Since the epiphany, his Populus series is now home to dozens of celebrities and icons of all ages. These icons include celebrities such as, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, James Bond and James Dean. He also pays homage to master artists such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Van Gough.

Craig states, “Art needs to be responsible to its purpose; to inspire and enhance.” To beginning artists he says encouragingly, “be yourself and do what YOU want to do, not what someone else advises or suggests,” and in the words of his Pepaw, “Don’t ever quit!”

Craig Alan from the Ground Up

From the Ground Up

Craig Alan has become publicly recognized as an innovator in the visual arts industry through the years. For example, he has presence in many galleries across the U.S., England, Germany and Canada. He has done work for commercials, advertisements, and even large-scale murals.

Alan’s most recent mural “From the Ground Up” is Atlanta, Georgia’s newest public art piece. The mural spans six stories tall and is a depiction of the city’s rise from the ashes of the Civil War to become a world known city. “From the Ground Up” embodies Atlanta’s rebuilding amidst the nation’s current civil unrest and its fight to unite against the coronavirus pandemic.

“From the Ground Up’ is also available in a limited edition print! Click here to view the artwork.

Click here to view “From the Ground Up” on YouTube.

View the Craig Alan Populus collection here.

Follow Art Leaders Gallery on Instagram for more updates on Craig Alan’s work!

Detroit Elite Eight

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Michigan’s Best Artists share their inspiration

Published on June 28th, 2022

Michigan is home to many talented artists, and Art Leaders Gallery recognizes just how important local art can be to the community. Throughout July, the gallery will be exhibiting eight of our talented local artists. The Detroit Elite Eight are not only making an impact in the Detroit Metro, but many of our artists have been recognized internationally.

In addition, we often connect to the story and inspiration behind artists and their artwork. Read about where the Detroit Elite Eight find their inspiration and what their work means to them below.

Antonio Molinari – Abstracts

Detroit Elite Eight

Where do you find your inspiration?

“I find inspiration in nature.  There is so much to draw from, the beautiful shapes, colors, and textures.  Just stepping outside I constantly discover so many ideas to pursue.  I also draw inspiration from design.  Proportions, line work, and the simplicity of things I find attractive.  I feel the combination of these influences create something unique and fresh.

How has art impacted your life?

“Art is vital to me as a person.  It’s not a hobby to me it is so much more.  I physically and emotionally need art.  I need the visual stimulation and emotional expression of art.  It touches a part of my spirit that nothing else can.”

What is the purpose or goal of your work?

“The goal of my work is to captivate viewers and stimulate their imagination.  Take them out of their current state, let them lose themselves in the painting.  I want viewers to forget stresses and feel inspired. The goal is to bring them on journey each time they view the art in hopes that they discover new hidden details each time.”

View Molinari’s Artwork

Gerd Schmidt – Landscapes

Detroit Elite Eight

Where do you find your inspiration?

“I find my inspiration everywhere, constantly in awe of nature and the world we live in. I am lucky to have a home surrounded by beautiful trees that inspire my paintings.”

How has art impacted your life?

“I believe that art is such a fun way to express my creativity and life a dreamful life.”

What is the purpose or goal of your work?

“Personally, my goal is to have fun and improve as much as possible. I enjoy seeing people look at my work. Often as they get closer and closer, they wonder if the trees are real or not. Hopefully, this allows people to look closely at nature and art, as they are so intertwined.”

View Gerd’s artwork

Dane Porter – Minimalist Sculpture Artist

Detroit Elite EightWhere do you find your inspiration?

“For most of my work, I find inspiration in two very different things, nature, and architecture. With a lot of work containing modern minimalist lines, the inspiration can be found throughout. A lot of pieces are either representational of modern infrastructure and or natural silhouettes.”

How has art impacted your life?

“Art has affected every aspect of my life ever since I can remember. Even from a young age, I was always creating. Today, most of my decisions are based on creativity and color. Art has graciously given me purpose in so many ways. Art has greatly impacted my life by becoming a career for me; creating contemporary pieces of art for homes and commercial businesses. Coming from a family line of artists and craftsmen; art was destined to become a constant in my life.”

What is the purpose or goal of your work?

“The goal of my art has always been to create powerful visual works never seen before. The purpose however has always been to create artwork that temporarily takes the viewer out of their norm to experience something brand new and visually captivating. And if I am lucky, A bit of symbolism will be found throughout my work as well.”

View Dane Porter’s artwork

Rodney E. Denne – Abstract Figurative Detroit Artist

Detroit Elite Eight

Where do you find your inspiration?

“I find inspiration by studying other artists. It is important to learn from others in order to develop. your own style. I am particularly interested in the works of CY Twombly, Franz Klein, Bob Thompson, Willem do Kooning and Mark Rothko.”

How has art impacted your life?

“Growing up in Clarkston, MI, I really enjoyed drawing. My mother did ceramics and I was always surrounded by creativity. After spending time in the Air Force, I began to draw again. This led to painting and eventually the creation of my large scale abstract figurative works. I now feel that I paint because I have to. It is part of me.”

What is the purpose or goal of your work?

“I believe that my audience hasn’t even been born yet, so I am constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with new mediums and styles that might be enjoyed once I am gone.”

View Denne’s artwork

Konstantin Savchenko – Impressionistic, Textured Oil Painter


Where do you find your inspiration?

“As an art instructor, I find inspiration seeing the incredible artworks that my students create. I feel that my work continues to develop and change being surrounded by creativity everyday.”

How has art impacted your life?

“I have met amazing people throughout my career, and I am so grateful for those relationships. Without art, I would not have the same life that I do today.”

What is the purpose or goal of your work?

“The goal of my work is to connect with my audience emotionally so that they can be transported into the landscape depicted in my paintings.”

View Konstantin’s artwork

Andrew Madvin – Hand-Blown Glass Artist

Detroit Elite Eight

Where do you find your inspiration?

“I grew up curious with the freedom to explore the outdoors quickly becoming interested in the natural world around me. In high school, I loved metals and jewelry classes, which eventually led me to glass sculpture.”

How has art impacted your life?

“Art shaped my life. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with my brother, doing what we love.”

What is the purpose or goal of your work?

“The material holds an excitement I can feel. I see endless possibilities in form, technique, and physical attraction waiting to be discovered. This is the goal of my work; to explore its possibilities.”

View Andrew Madvin’s artwork

Robert Madvin – Hand-Blown Glass Detroit Artist

Robert Madvin

Where do you find your inspiration?

“My inspiration comes from nature. My artwork focuses on natural elements, textures, and color. I also take inspiration from my travels and day to day life. While I was studying in Hawaii, I created his glass sculpture series called Pohaku, meaning “rock” or “stone.” Ancient Hawaiians would stack stones upon one another to create rock sculptures. The sculptures acted as navigational tools throughout the islands.”

How has art impacted your life?

“My brother, Andrew, introduced me to glass at while I was still in high school and it forever changed my life. We now are lucky to own our own glass studio where we create our artwork together.”


View Robert Madvin’s artwork

Richard Powell – Contemporary Pointillism 

Richard Powell

Where do you find your inspiration?

“The work of other artists constantly inspires me. Many times I wonder through art fairs and galleries in awe of what humans can create. In addition, I have always enjoyed the works of impressionists and post-impressionists such as Van Gogh and George Seurat.”

How has art impacted your life?

“I grew up with a love for fine art. I went to school at The College of Creative Studies in Detroit. Art continues to hold a strong presence in my life as I experiment with a variety of mediums. Powell has paints with a variety of mediums.”

What is the purpose or goal of your work?

“I hope to inspire other artists and my audience to grow in their own creativity.”

View Richard Powell’s artwork


Antonio Molinari: Victorious

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The Inspiration Behind the Canvas

Victory II by Antonio Molinari

Published on June 13th, 2022

Antonio Molinari draws inspiration from the techniques of Paul Jenkins and Helen Frankenthaler. He creates an array of mesmerizing tones and shapes by focusing on

colors interlacing in such a way that there is an illusion of depth. For instance, he pours color like crossing veils suspended without gravity. While his paintings remain energetic, he gently executes each painting with refinement. The relationship between these transparent hues invites us into an intimate moment.

“My paintings focus on connections. Through harmonious movements of paint, I take people on a journey. It can be a brief moment of uplifting energy or an hour of deep inspiration, but my greatest reward is moving the viewer emotionally.”

Antonio Molinari was born and raised in Michigan. He credits his artistic inspiration to his childhood spent in the countryside. There, he fell in love with nature at a very young age. In particular, Molinari recalls a view across an open hillside, which lead to a beautiful tree line. He would wake up early just to watch the sunrise and wait “for the rays of light to dance across the treetops”. He says, “I love that memory so much that I am compelled to capture it. Pouring energy and wonder onto a canvas in hopes to share that same bliss of inspiration.”

“When painting I feel like I’m pouring emotions onto the canvas. I amalways chasing, and trying to capture a positive reflection of a moment. To me, the paint has to be fluid and graceful. The paint personifies emotional transitions that arise within all of us. This is what makes us human and sparks heart felt connections.

I fell in love with abstract painting because it is such a departure from my daily design work. The expression and emotion of the paintings aren’t defined by feasibility guidelines. I have a fond appreciation for when my abstracts aren’t followed up with questions like “how are we going to build this?” The freedom from rules is marvelous. Pursuing both techniques truly enhance each other. It’s how I achieve the highest sense of balance with all my artistry.”

Victory II by Antonio Molinari

Victory II

“I painted Victory II during a time I was facing many challenges and each morning felt like a test. During one of the more difficult days, I stepped outside and looked to the sky, I witnessed a new dawn where the warmth of sunlight cut through crisp morning air, and it filled me with optimism. Experiencing that moment gave me strength to push through and be victorious. This painting represents the optimism that I experienced. I hope it inspires others to overcome their daily challenges.”

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