Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for considering Art Leaders Gallery as a possible representative for your work. These are some of the questions we hear from artists.

Why should I put together a submission?
Though we are currently working steadily with an incredibly talented group of artists, we are always interested in quality work that we believe will meet the needs of our clients and the gallery.

What materials should I include in my submission?
Please see Submissions Guideline (LINK) and complete list of requirements.

Who reviews the submissions?
All submissions are reviewed by the Art Leaders Gallery team.

Why doesn’t the gallery accept walk-ins?
All artists must begin the process by following the submission guidelines. Link. We want to make sure that the artwork is the right fit for the gallery, and we would like to give you the time and attention that you deserve.

How long does it take for submissions to be reviewed?
Expect it to take at least a week for us to review your submission and contact you.

What is the gallery looking for in artists and artwork?
We are looking for:

  1. Original, quality artwork only.
  2. Serious artists with the desire to succeed.
  3. Artists who can take direction and criticism.
  4. Artists who are willing to do commissioned works.
  5. Artists who bring in new artwork on a regular basis.
  6. Artists who thinks of the gallery as a long-term partnership.

Our experience has shown us that it usually takes time to develop a significant awareness and appreciation for an artist and their work. By joining the gallery, artists will gain creditability with our clients, but the real growth and sales come after clients have purchased work and the artist’s exposure is multiplied by having artwork in corporate and private collections. This, combined with patience and persistence, can lead to a considerable presence in the art world both locally and nationally.

How will I benefit from being a gallery artist?
Art Leaders Gallery has become a trusted source of art by both leading and emerging mid-career artists. We have retail hours six days a week designed to serve a large personal, corporate and interior design clientele. We have earned a prestigious reputation based on over twenty years of successful business experience. Artists will be exposed to a large, active clientele and can build upon this constantly growing foundation.

I don’t want to lease space, but I still want to display my artwork with the gallery. How can I make this happen?
Only under certain circumstances is this possible and can be discussed privately.

What percentage does the gallery take from artwork sales?
The gallery takes 20% commission to cover credit card fees, sales commission fees and art insurance fees.

How are artists paid?
A check will be issued thirty days after the art is sold.

How is artwork pricing decided?
The artists price their own artwork. Pricing must be consistent throughout all venues.

Does the gallery receive requests for commissioned artwork?
Yes, we have facilitated commissions for everything from small paintings to large outdoor sculptures.

Does the gallery do any limited edition publishing?

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