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The Art of Dr. Seuss

We carry one of the largest collections of The Art of Dr. Seuss for sale. Over its 20-year history, many of the works from this collection have become extremely rare. Just because an artwork is listed as “Sold Out” doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Art Leaders has many rare works in inventory, so be sure to contact us! We offer free shipping on all domestic orders.

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Dr. Seuss: The Art Behind the Cat

Dr.Seuss Theodore Geisel Secret ArtTheodor “Dr.Seuss” Geisel began his career as a cartoonist in the 1920s. His unique perspective and fresh concepts launched his career. Geisel’s work evolved quickly to illustration art, unorthodox taxidermy sculptures, and secret midnight oil paintings as a result. Furthermore, his artwork is still alive today in his numerous children’s books.

Significantly, Dr. Seuss single-handedly forged a new genre of art that falls somewhere between the surrealist movement of the early 20th century and the inspired nonsense of a child’s doodles.

While Dr. Seuss protected his Secret Art from criticism, he always intended for the work to be seen when he was gone. In 1997, this dream was realized when The Art of Dr. Seuss project was launched. For the first time, collectors saw special limited editions reproduced from Ted’s original drawings and paintings. In her introduction to the collection Audrey Geisel wrote, “I remember telling Ted that there would come a day when many of his paintings would be seen and he would thus share with his fans another facet of himself—his private self. That day has come. I am glad.”

Above all, find his Limited Edition Midnight Paintings, Illustration Art, Unorthodox Taxidermy Sculptures, and Bronze Tribute Collection for sale at Art Leaders Gallery.

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The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss

Ted Geisel was far more than one of the most influential children’s book authors of the 20th Century. Along side his career, Dr. Seuss was a prolific fine artist. Careful to not detract from his books, Geisel never sold or publicly displayed his work. Thus the series of Secret Art or Midnight Paintings was created. Art Leaders has the largest collection of framed and unframed Secret Art for sale.

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Turtle wall sculpture from the Secret Art of Dr. Seuss.Unorthodox Taxidermy Sculptures

Stemming from a life-long fascination of unique and exotic animals, Dr. Seuss became well known for his unusual and whimsical animals. This fascination, paired with his creative mind inspired the artist to create a series of “taxidermy” sculptures. As a result, his famous creatures to jumped off the page and into reality. Art Leaders Gallery has one of the largest collections of taxidermy sculptures available for sale including the now sold-out Tufted Gustard and Two-Horned Drouberhannis!

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Green Cat in Uleåborg Finland Subway - green cat at the end of a dark hallway with blue and orange alternating rectangles.

Rare & Sold Out Dr. Seuss Art

Since 1997, the Art of Dr. Seuss collection’s popularity has increased and many of the work have sold out. “Sold Out” doesn’t mean the piece is gone for good! In fact, Art Leaders Gallery has been a proud authorized Seuss Dealer since the beginning. As a result, we have many Rare and Sold Out Secret Art, Illustrations, and Taxidermy pieces available to complete your collection! Contact the gallery today to confirm availability.

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