Brighten your Home with a Limited Edition Print by Anna Razumovskaya

Figurative and Floral Limited Edition Prints 

Anna Razumovskaya's Painting Process

Anna Razumovskaya’s Painting Process, Photo from Anna Art Publishing

Published on August 24th, 2022

Have you ever thought about adding a piece of fine art to your home or office to enhance the atmosphere? Our gallery has plenty of artwork for you to choose from, in particular, work by Russian artist Anna Razumovskaya. Fine art by Razumovskaya will add a sophisticated touch to your home or office.

Razumovskaya’s paintings combine classical style with a contemporary art twist and a dynamic expressive technique, resulting in the artist’s distinctive fresh and modern style. All of the artist’s work are hand-embellished in both limited edition and artist proof sets. Additionally, they all come with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist. Further, all the artwork has a special varnish to protect against UV, moisture, and scratches.

New Collection – Figurative and Floral Prints

Limited Edition Prints by Anna Razumovskaya are part of her newest collection. The collection includes stunning florals and fun figurative prints perfect for your home or office. The paintings of the world-renowned artist capture the elegance of the female, depicting graceful women in colorful gowns in her paintings, complemented by impressionist backgrounds that give more definition to her romantic, sensual figures.

In the new collection, Razumovskaya introduces a modern twist into her work by including nostalgic items such as a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal. In addition, the Artist’s new floral artworks showcase her expressive technique and use of vibrant color.

The latest artwork of Anna Razumovskaya is available to view in the gallery and online! Razumovskaya currently lives and works in Toronto and has had solo shows in New York, Paris, Amsterdam, and across the UK. After graduating from the Russian State University for Arts as a Master of Fine Arts in 1991, the artist studied at art schools in Germany, Belgium, and Holland.

My Sweet Memories 2 by Anna Razumovskaya at Art Leaders Gallery

My Sweet Memoires II

Lovely To Look At by Anna Razumovskaya at Art Leaders Gallery

Lovely to Look At

View Anna’s Floral Prints

End of Evening 1 by Anna Razumovskaya at Art Leaders Gallery

End of Evening I

View Anna’s Figurative Prints

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