New Contemporary Artwork for the New Year

As we ring in the new year, we are offered a fresh beginning with a new set of goals and the motivation we need to achieve them. Whether your goals are personal, or business related, one cannot deny the impact that our surroundings have on how inspired we feel every day. Discover new works by new artists, on display at Art Leaders Gallery. Let us help you find the perfect artwork to uplift your space and your spirit this year!

Isabelle Scheltjens – Contemporary Mosaic Glass Portraits

Isabelle creates alluring portraits made from colorful mosaic glass pieces. First, she melts together different colors, textures, and sizes of glass. Then, she organizes the pieces into captivating glass portraits. She considers her work a form of contemporary pointillism where the colorful glass pieces are like the dots of paint used by pointillists. According to Isabelle, “Distance creates beauty”. Her work is a testament to the idea that everything looks better from a distance. Someone Who Cares is a stunning example of her work.

Someone Who Cares by Isabelle Scheltjens at Art Leaders Gallery

Jeff Honsberger – Colorful Crystal Cubes

Jeff’s passion for glass was sparked while gallery hopping in Naples, Florida. He soon began training from some of the world’s most renowned glass artists. Jeff is one of few artists to create sculptures using a cold glass method as opposed to traditional hot glass. He uses a building block method of assembling optical crystal to create his colorful and dynamic cubes, such as the Balos Cube shown below. Furthermore, the cubes sit on a rotating pedestal to display different colors and patterns depending on the viewpoint.

Balos Cuby by Jeff Honsberger at Art Leaders Gallery

Debbie Moore – Contemporary Abstract Paintings

Debbie has always been fascinated with color, texture, and trying new things within her artwork. She says, “I am a sucker for how color makes me feel, alive and joyful.” She loves to experiment and add unusual elements to her work. Debbie appreciates those wondrous moments of discovery that we experience as children, and she strives to bring this act into her work. For example, her works feature abstracted elements that provoke viewers to rediscover recognizable elements in their lives. What elements can you recognize in her painting, Dappled Light?

Dappled Light by Debbie Moore at Art Leaders Gallery

Christopher Peter – Mixed Media Silhouettes

Christopher Peter creates images that blur the line between portraiture and dynamic abstract painting. He uses unconventional materials to create contemporary mixed media silhouettes. For instance, he includes handmade paper, marbled textiles, vintage roadmaps, and repurposed book pages in his work. He combines these materials with classic oil and acrylic paints to create bold silhouettes, such as Born to Bloom II, filled with delicate texture and color.

Born to Bloom Silhouette II by Christopher Peter at Art Leaders Gallery


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