Artist Display Rental

What is Included When You Join the Art Leaders Gallery Family?
Art Leaders Gallery has become a trusted source of art created by both leading and emerging mid-career artists. We have retail hours designed to serve large, personal, corporate and interior design clientele. We have earned a prestigious reputation based on over twenty years of successful business experience. Artists receive exposure to a large, active clientele and can build upon this constantly expanding foundation. Some of the benefits you’ll gain by partnering with Art Leaders Gallery include:

  • Your artwork is advertised to local, national and international buyers through many different marketing channels.
  • Your artwork is displayed in a premier showroom where you can create your own gallery space in a beautiful atmosphere, as well as hold art exhibitions, demonstrations, and trainings throughout the year.
  • You have the benefit of using the gallery as your own personal showroom to meet directly with clients and host showings. Current and future buyers have a place where they can view and purchase your art at anytime, either in the gallery or on our website.
  • With a highly specialized sales staff, Art Leaders Gallery will complete all transactions and answer all questions a client may have.
  • We don’t require you to commit any time to “work” within the gallery other than just participating in gallery shows and merchandising your artwork.
  • You may enter your display space, re-hang or change out artwork as much as you like during regular business hours.
  • You’ll instantly increase your current client base by including the gallery’s large pre-existing customers.
  • Every artist on display at Art Leaders is personally selected and juried to ensure that we keep a quality mix of themes and styles. This also means you receive exclusivity.
  • Our in-house Custom Framing department offers you extensive discounts on all custom framing orders.
  • Reasonable monthly rental rates that are lower than the cost of participating in even a single art fair or renting your own retail facility.
  • We pay our artists within thirty days following a sale, and include a printout detailing the sale as well as your current inventory.
  • We pay all credit card processing fees.
  • We have multiple programs for our patrons to thank them for their loyalty and encourage them continue coming back.
  • The Patron Program is a rewards program that automatically thanks each client with a small store credit towards his or her next purchase.
  • The ALG Credit Card is a store card that allows customers to finance their artwork interest free over a 6-month period.


  • Your artwork will be showcased on the Art Leaders Gallery website, which can be linked directly to your website or online portfolio.
  • We send out email marketing campaigns to ALL Art Leaders clients introducing you and your works of art. When clients are interested in your artwork or the work of a similar style, we send out targeted emails to keep you fresh in their minds.
  • Art Leaders Gallery will showcase artist work on gallery social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, etc.
  • The gallery is open from 10:00 am through 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

Artist Exhibitions:

  • Art Leaders Gallery hosts, at its own expense, a cocktail reception and group show each year to showcase every participating local artist.
  • Artists can host their own one-person show at their own expense. Events can be hosted after normal business hours.
  • During the gallery event, the artists receive additional walls for display of their one-person show for a two-week period.
  • Art Leaders Gallery will market your art exhibition and send e-blasts and e-vites to our clients.
  • The gallery space includes a full kitchen, women’s and men’s restrooms, coat check, high-top tables and linens, surround sound to the entire showroom and ample parking space both in the front and rear of the building.
  • The gallery accommodates up to 200 guests comfortably and meets all state and local codes.

The Process of Submitting your Artwork:
For information on submitting your artwork, please click on this link.

If we feel that your work fills a niche in the gallery, we’ll invite you to come in and meet with us. We’ll ask you to bring along a sample of your work so that we can see your artwork in person. We can then talk about your expectations, ideas and long-term goals, as well as rent, commission structure and other contractual terms.

Once we’ve agreed on terms, we will schedule a contract signing, move-in date and staff training regarding your work.

What is Required by the Artist:

  • A signed, one year lease contract for your participation in the gallery.
  • Payment of your first and last months’ rent. Your credit card information will be securely kept on file along with your authorization to charge your monthly rent payments should you choose to pay automatically by credit card.
  • A well-displayed area filled with your art. The art should be frequently rotated with new inventory as often as you wish.
  • Your time to re-hang, display, and host exhibitions.
  • Cross-marketing of Art Leaders Gallery on your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, at art shows, etc.
  • Your time to train gallery staff about your artwork as often as necessary.

Pricing and Discounts:

  • You set your own price for sale of each of your artworks.
  • Your artworks must be consistent and have a fixed price at all venues that sell your artwork.
  • Should you offer any discount to a client, the gallery’s commission will be based on the actual sale price.
  • The gallery shall not offer any discount to a client without your prior consent.

Rental Fees:

  • Rent varies between $500.00 – $1,500.00 per month depending on the space needed and location in the gallery.
  • Art Leaders Gallery takes a 20% commission which covers our overhead, credit card fees, employee commissions, insurance on artwork, etc.

Who We Are?
Art Leaders Gallery was voted “Best Art Gallery in Michigan” by several publications. Our expansive showroom of over 10,000 square feet is located in the heart of West Bloomfield, one of the most prominent cities in Michigan. The Gallery Space Rental Program is designed for local artists to display and sell their work within a gallery that offers a unique blend of over 150 international, national, and local Michigan artists.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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