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Summer Splash: Virtual Exhibit & Sale

Posted on: June 1st, 2024 by Art Leaders No Comments

Summer Splash Virtual Exhibition June 1-30 at Art Leaders Gallery. A month long exhibit featuring our favorite sunny season.

Summer Splash: Virtual Exhibit & Sale

Make a splash with our Summer-themed virtual art show! Summer Splash is a dynamic curation that captures the essence of the summer season through an eclectic mix of paintings and sculpture. This vibrant exhibition brings together the works of both emerging and established artists, offering a refreshing exploration of color, light, and form. Be immersed in a visual feast that celebrates the warmth, energy, and playful spirit of summer, making it a must for art enthusiasts and casual observers alike. Featuring artwork by Andrii AfanasievCraig AlanAntonio MolinariAncizar Marin, and more!

Andrii Afanasiev Summer Splash Virtual Exhibition June 1-30 at Art Leaders Gallery

Andrii Afanasiev Seascapes

Ukrainian artist Andrii Afanasiev creates stunning impressionistic seascapes, capturing the gentle ocean waves and the dance of summer sunshine on the water. His expert use of color and tangible texture immerses art lovers in warm summer scenes.

View the Andrii Afanasiev Collection

Craig Alan Summer Splash Virtual Exhibition June 1-30 at Art Leaders Gallery

Craig Alan Beaches

Inspired by crowds on a beach, Craig Alan returns to the original ideas for his Populus creations in these summer-themed compositions. Audiences find a love for summer activities in these captivating pieces, which feature abstracted architecture, hearts, and crowds forming footprints in the sand.

View the Craig Alan Collection

Antonio Moilnari Summer Splash Virtual Exhibition June 1-30 at Art Leaders Gallery

Antonio Molinari Tropical Abstracts

Antonio Molinari creates vibrant summer-colored poured paint abstracts that captivate viewers. He expertly manipulates the flow of paint to produce dynamic, fluid patterns. These lively compositions evoke the energy and warmth of the summer season.

View the Antonio Molinari Collection

Ancizar Marin Summer Splash Virtual Exhibition June 1-30 at Art Leaders Gallery

Ancizar Marin Summer Sculptures

Through his diverse creations, Ancizar Marin masterfully brings the essence of water and its inhabitants into captivating, lifelike forms. He crafts colorful diver sculptures that capture the grace and fluidity of the dive. Additionally, his surfer sculptures exude the dynamic energy of riding waves, bringing the thrill of the sport to life. Transitioning to his koi fish sculptures, Marin showcases intricate details and vibrant colors, celebrating the beauty of these aquatic creatures.

View the Ancizar Marin Collection

Summer All Year Long

Summer is a favorite time of year for Art Leaders Gallery! As we’re based in Michigan, we only get to enjoy three solid months of sunshine and warm weather. But, because of our stunning collection of Summer scenes, whimsical sculptures, and colorful artwork, we get to bask in the sun all day long. We hope that you will find that special piece to keep the Summer memories alive and well all year long in our Summer Splash Sale Exhibit & Sale!

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