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Ukrainian Artists

Posted on: April 19th, 2022 by Art Leaders No Comments

Artist Spotlight – April

Ukrainian Artists – Konstantin Savchenko, Anastasiya Skryleva, Andrii Afansiev 

Published on April 19th, 2022

Art Leaders Gallery is proud to represent three talented Ukrainian artists. Among many well-known international and local artists, our Ukrainian artists are some of our top-selling and most gifted artists. Konstantin Savchenko, Anastasiya Skryleva, and Andrii Afanasiev are all oil painters, yet their individual styles emerge in their paintings. While each artists paints with thick texturized oil paint, their unique processes and varying subjects allow them to distinguish themselves. For our April Artist Spotlight, we are happy to showcase our Ukrainian Artists. Find their Artists Biographies below.

Konstantin Savchenko

To begin, world renowned artist, Savchenko, creates paintings that are full of color and textures. Each oil painting is a study of blending paint with palette knife to create stunning landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and florals. Further, he expresses emotion and beauty by building up his shadows and highlights with heavy text


Savchenko began traveling the world with this family at a young age. During his travels, he studied painting techniques at various exhibitions.  Furthermore, he took part in many shows while studying at the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute. His work evolved into what it is today by pushing his methods and his colorful textures. Furthermore, he now works as an Art Instructor at the Kharkov Art College.  He teaches his unique style, and his students are inspired by his artwork. His paintings are both moving and intimate due to their color and emotional subjects, such as Venetian landscapes, couples in the park, and stunning floral arrangements.

View Savchenko’s work on our website or on his instagram page!


Anastasiya Skryleva

Anastasiya was born on February 18, 1997 in Kharkov. Her life has been centered around art since she learned how hold a paintbrush. This has shaped her into the young artist she is today. In 2012 she entered the Kharkov Art College where she began her artistic training under previously mentioned, world renowned artist Konstantin Savchenko. She exhibited her work with other students and faculty in both 2013 and 2014. Since 2013, she has taken part in exhibitions of the Ukrainian Union of Artists. She also opened at the collective exhibition “New Wave” in Gallery Smalto in 2014. Canada, China, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine displayed her collections in both public and private settings.

Skryleva’s oil paintings capture deep tones and layered colors to create stirring images that speak to the viewer. Among landscapes of her native Ukraine, she favors depicting still life arrangements, and the beautiful fluidity of decorative koi fish. In the gallery, you will see many intricate floral arrangements resting on top of a female figures head. These floral portraits have become a recognized subject matter of Skryleva. Art Leaders Gallery is proud to be the first gallery in the United States to represent this young, blossoming artist.

View Skryleva’s work on our website or on his instagram page!


Andrii Afanasiev

Andrii Afanasiev has spent years studying fine arts in Ukraine. He began this passion in his youth. He received his education at the State Art College. At this time, Andrii became an apprentice in the painting department. After spending six years in school, Andrii transferred to The National Academy of Fine Arts. In addition, Andrii began his passion for art restoration. There, he received his degree in art restoration and painting. Now, he enjoys creating floral, seascape, and landscape paintings with bold texture and oil paint.

Andrii continues to build his career around painting and restoring famous fine artworks. He currently works as a master painter and fine art restorer at The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine, as well as The Museum of Theater Music and Cinema of Ukraine. With this, he learns new methods of painting texture, color, and medium.

As a result of this knowledge, he creates stunning abstract florals, and textured seascapes. Moreover, he creates large scale paintings with layers of oil to draw out texture and depth. For example, when looking at one of his seascapes, one can almost hear the waves on the ocean. Andrii is popular for his romantic, contemporary, floral paintings. He effortlessly paints his floral pieces ‘floating’ on the canvas. Andrii paints each subject with textural strokes and beautiful blends of color.  Furthermore, his stunning paintings cross boundaries between classic and contemporary.

View Afanasiev’s work on our website!

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