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Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love

Posted on: January 31st, 2023 by Art Leaders No Comments

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love curated exhibition February 1-28th Hessam Abrishami, Konstantin Savchenko, Craig Alan, & Gabe Leonard

Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.” – Nat King Cole

Passionate embraces, romantic strolls, and whispers of sweet nothings; February sparks the hopeless romantic in us all. As a result, we have curated an exhibition of artists celebrating that crazy little thing called Love.

Hessam Abrishami

Love and laughter, music and dance fill Hessam’s boldly colorful paintings. The artist’s romantic paintings focus on the love between couples. His use of soft lines and vibrant colors emphasizes a passionate energy between the figures. Thus these enticing works of art inspire the lovers in us all. Shower your love with Adoration, because you’re Crazy in Love, and want to ask them “Be My Valentine forever”.

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Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love After-Solitude by Hessam Abrishami. Hessam paints abstract, contemporary figures interacting with each other and stunning environments. Each painting is full of vibrant colors, and bold shapes to create stunning compositions.

Adoration, My Valentine, & After Solitude Limited Edtions by Hessam Abrishami

Konstantin Savchenko

The Contemporary Impressionist Konstantin Savchenko draws inspiration from the great artists like Vincent Van Gogh. His impasto style comes to life using only oil paints and a palette knife. Dive into his romantic landscapes as you and love stroll through an colorful park. Or perhaps, instead of flowers that only last a few weeks, gift his beautifully textured florals that are sure to become a cherished family heirloom.

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Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love Rose Thicket III by Konstantin Savchenko. Original oil painting of red, pink, and white roses with greenery on canvas framed and displayed in a modern farmhouse style room.

Rose Thicket III By Konstantin Savchenko – 59 x 36 (unframed)

Craig Alan

Celebrate Love with a creative homage to the great Pop artists like Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, Robert Indiana, and Roy Lichtenstein. Whether you celebrate love between partners or love for humanity, Craig Alan’s work sparks something in everyone. Look closely in the Populus crowds and find lovers, love seekers, or perhaps groups coming together for the good of the world.

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Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love Creature Condition, All You Need Is, Everyone, Kiss - artwork by Craig Alan as a part of the populus collection

Creature Condition, All You Need Is, Everyone, & Kiss by Craig Alan

Gabe Leonard

Wild West vixens, sultry office affairs, and gangster romance fill Gabe Leonard’s paintings. These cinematic paintings showcase the artist’s unique style that feels like stills of a film. Leonard is attracted to the rugged and romantic elements of film noir, so he merges technically figurative painting with a finely crafted ambience. As a result, his unique paintings draw us into a rich world of cinema.

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Lovers & Romance: The Fine Art of Love Alibi by Gabe Leonard in blue and champagne frame on dark gray wall


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Published February 1, 2023

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