The Water is Blue and the Birds are awake

The Birds and the Trees by Dr. Seuss

Published September 26th, 2022

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…its another incredible Dr. Seuss release!

For centuries we have pursued the ability to soar like a bird. Flight represents many things to many different people, but it undoubtably symbolizes the grace of movement and thrill of freedom. To fly is a fantasy of surreal proportions and a constant source of inspiration throughout time, especially for Theodor Seuss Geisel.

Freebird and Firebird by the Art of Dr. Seuss

“Freebird” on left, “Firebird” on right

The latest Seuss release, “The Birds and the Trees” is the sister piece to two iconic artworks, “Freebird” and “Firebird”. One of the most prolific periods of Ted’s painting career emerged in the mid-1960s. Freebird and Firebird came to life with a renewed sense of freedom, fantasy, and a lush sense of wonderment. The Birds and the Trees was also painted during this intensely creative moment.

The Birds and the Trees by Dr. Seuss

Story Behind the Birds and the Trees

Dr. Seuss witnessed the magic of flight firsthand, not only on his travels around the world, but also directly from his studio window. It was there that he watched birds migrate up and down the California coast. He watched the native birds nest within the tropical flora and fauna that populated the hillside on which he lived. The view from his studio inspired his creativity and made its way into countless paintings and book projects throughout his career.

Roughly 10 years after creating The Birds and the Trees, Ted faced physical and creative challenges. His eyesight had begun to fail. That experience shook his creative output. He had shifted to working on the smaller beginner book series and, in 1975, was assembling a book titled “Oh the Thinks you can Think!” He had begun looking back through a collection of his favorite images and ideas to be used in a new context – something he had done his entire career. However, he adapted a Secret Art painting in its entirety for the page of a children’s book.

This gorgeous artwork from Seuss’s secret art collection is sure to fly out the door! Contact the gallery today for more information. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all your fine art updates.

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