Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Uniquely Artistic Gifts

Posted November 25, 2022

The Holiday Season is upon us and Art Leaders is here to help you find that show-stopping gift that will be loved forever. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of holiday gifts that will be perfect for anyone on your list. Each one of these gifts are available at Art Leaders Gallery.

1. Houston Llew Spiritiles

art leaders gallery, holiday gift guide, eight spiritiles by houston llew. Art Leaders gallery is a proud houston llew dealer. This shows #273 Believe, 71 Hello, 161 Timeless, 222 Seamate, 271 Radiate, 270 Meander, 223 Family Tree, and 48 Bubbly

Spiritiles are beautiful creations for any occasion and a memorable piece of art that can hang on a wall or stand alone. These unique, handmade tiles are made with colored glass and copper fired in a kiln. Each Spiritile has a beautiful enamel image accompanied with an inspiring or sentimental quote. Careful though, these collectible pieces are highly addicting – you may have to buy one (or 5) for yourself!

Regular Tiles: $163 
Retired Tiles: Starting at $199

2. Andrew Madvin Thorn Vessels

art leaders gallery, holiday gift guide, andrew madvin thorn vessels

Detroit artist, Andrew Madvin creates these stunning hand-made glass bowls. Create the perfect, show-stopping centerpiece by displaying them as a single sculpture, or pair them with a similar color.

Thorn Vessels: Starting at $700


3. Craig Alan Limited Edition Art

The Walk - Jean Michele Basquiat, Underdog, Rhapsody in Blue, Populus limited edition canvas prints, art leaders gallery holiday gift guide

Displaying his skills using bold colors and fine detailing, Alan creates large portraits and scenes. Not only does the subject appear to be made by the crowd, look closely and you will find them interacting among the silhouettes. Alan draws inspiration from popular culture and pop art. As a result, many of his Populus images feature famous faces such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elvis. Alan also pays homage to the masters of Pop Art Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring. Craig Alan’s Populus limited edition pieces are perfect for any contemporary space!

Craig Alan Limited Editions: Starting at $1,500

4. The Art of Dr. Seuss

Dr Seuss gift guide banner, art leaders gallery holiday gift guide

The Art of Dr. Seuss are perfect art collectors of all sorts! Did you know that Dr. Seuss was an artist as well as the most beloved children’s author? The Secret Art collection dives into the creative world of Dr. Seuss, perfectly replicated to the size and medium the original. You will find we also have illustration prints from Seuss’ most popular books like The Cat in the Hat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Oh the Places You’ll Go.

Call the gallery for pricing and availability!

5. Wall Climbers, Athletes, and Colorful Koi by Ancizar Marin

art leaders gallery holiday gift guide

Ancizar Marin’s colorful climbers are perfect gifts for the athlete in your life. The lava rock and resin sculptures are made to order in various solid and marbled colors! Easy installations create a beautiful and contemporary display on your walls.

Call the gallery to place your order!

6. Thad Markham’s Out of the Bowl Sculptures

Celebrate Happy Hour with Thad Markham’s quirky Out of the Bowl fruit sculptures. With equally whimsical titles like Hot Salsa and Winner Takes Olive, these funky fruits will liven up any kitchen or bar area.

Out of the Bowl Sculptures: Starting at $215

7. Thomas Arvid Fine Wine Artwork

Somewhere on a Beach by Thomas Arvid at Art Leaders Gallery

Give your favorite wine aficionado something different this year. Thomas Arvid’s hyper-realistic artworks will make you feel like you’re in the wine cellars of Napa Valley or sitting Somewhere on a Beach with your favorite champagne.  He attracts viewers with intricate details of his photorealistic images through a mastery of light, depth, and reflection. As a result, his contemporary still-life paintings have become an art world phenomenon.  As a passionate artist and wine collector, he strives to capture the pleasure of a life well lived on each canvas.

Thomas Arvid Limited Editions: Starting at $995

8. Borowski Glass Sculptures

Colorful Glass Animals

This collection features hand-made glass sculptures and lamps straight from Poland. Borowski glass sculptures add some color and whimsy to any garden or room.

Borowski Glass Sculptures: Starting at $250

9. Michael Aram Home Accessories

From Menorahs and Mezuzahs, crosses and holiday ornaments to table top frames and beautiful centerpieces, the Michael Aram collection has something for everyone on your list.

Michael Aram Accessories: Starting at $100

10. Art Leaders Gallery Gift Certificate

We all know art can be very personal. A Gift Certificates from Art Leaders Gallery will let you give the gift of Fine Art without the hassle of figuring out your loved one’s taste. The best part is these gift cards never expire and can be used on any artwork or service we provide! Out of state clients can even enjoy the gift cards because we ship anywhere!

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