Craig Alan the Populus Artist. Main artist page banner. Detail of Paint the World You Want original mixed media with colorful drips and a sample of his populus figures

Craig Alan

The Populus Artist

The internationally recognized, contemporary fine artist, Craig Alan, garners global acclaim for his work. Alan’s artwork varies in subject from realism to abstract. His thought-provoking and detailed paintings contain a mix of raw technical ability and rich imagination. Working with elements of pop-art, Craig experiments with creative techniques and the use of metaphorical imagery.

Populous Series

A spark of inspiration comes at the most random times. American artist Craig Alan was people watching from a high-up balcony and noticed a crowd standing in the shape of an eye. From this came his most well-known series: Populus.

In his Populous series, Alan showcases hundreds of tiny people forming iconic images, offering viewers a fresh perspective on familiar subjects. Additionally, he explores the interconnection between the masses and daily devices in his technology series, demonstrating an innovative approach.

Craig Alan Artist Biography

Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, Craig continues to push boundaries, exploring new concepts and techniques. His distinctive paintings often depict groups of people in intricate formations from an aerial perspective. His work  showcase a unique blend of creativity and homage to artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Alan’s paintings captivate audiences worldwide, offering a fresh perspective on familiar subjects and inviting viewers to see the world from a different angle.

Born in 1971 in San Bernardino, California, and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Craig pursued his passion for the arts at the University of Mobile in Alabama. Furthermore, Alan immersed himself in the New Orleans’ vibrant art scene by working as a street portraitist.

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