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We offer several services and will answer any fine art questions you have

Our gallery offers a wide range of expertise in all fields of fine art and custom framing.  We are more than happy to help you with any of your Fine Art questions and needs.  In turn, please contact us if you cannot find a frequently asked question that applies to your concern.

General Questions:

 Do you buy artwork?

-We are currently not buying new artworks.

 Do you have gift Items?

-Yes, we have artwork and accessories that are perfect wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and special occasion gifts. In addition, we offer gift wrapping for smaller, boxed items.

 Do you have large-scale Artwork?

-Yes, we do. Our gallery is 10,000 square feet and holds several size pieces from 24” wide to 88” wide, and everything in-between.

 Do you carry Original Artwork?

-We have several artists that create original artwork.  In fact, we can easily say that 90% of our artwork is original.  However, we still offer a wide array of Limited Edition prints as well.

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Do you have sculptures?

-Yes, we have large sculptures, outdoor sculptures, wall sculptures, and several glass sculptures.

 Does your gallery have famous artists?

-We have masterworks like Salvador Dali, Renoir, Matisse, Dr. Seuss, and world-renowned artists in our gallery.  In addition, we have a large collection of Detroit and Nationally known artists.

Where are you located?

-We are located on the corner of Northwestern Highway, and Orchard Lake Road, in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Our address is 33086 Northwestern Hwy. West Bloomfield, MI 48322.

 Do you have Dr. Seuss Artwork?

-We love Dr. Seuss’ artwork, and we carry his whole collection of illustrations, secret artworks, midnight paintings, unorthodox taxidermy, and bronze sculptures. Many of his works have become extremely rare or even “sold out”, however, our gallery has a large collection of his rare and even a few sold out pieces.

Do you install Artwork?   

-Yes, we install artwork that is purchased or framed in our gallery.  We will also refer you to a great installer if we cannot perform your installation request.

 What is your return policy?

-Our return policy is located here:

Do you come to people’s homes?

-We offer an in-home design service, where we take photos and measurements of your space to understand your areas that could use artworks.  Learn more about our In-home Design services here:

Will you sell my artwork?

-Yes, if you have a famous artwork with a fair market value of $3,000 or more. We will look at your piece and see if there is something we can do to work with you.

Do your artists commission artworks?

-Yes, we work with our artists a lot to create custom commissioned artwork.  In fact, we work with 90% of our artists directly and can work with them to get you a perfect piece in that artists style.


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How much does it cost to frame?

The cost of framing anything has many variables that effect the price. To begin, in order to get an accurate quote, we suggest that you bring the artwork into the gallery for a free consultation. Next, our custom framer will help you choose the best design for you and your art. Surely, with our competitive prices, we will find a design that fits your budget!

How long does it take to frame?

In normal situations, a frame order takes between 7 to 10 days. However, more labor-intensive projects, such as shadow boxes, may take up to three weeks.

Do you frame museum-quality artwork?

Yes! Our framer has extensive knowledge in proper handling and care of masterworks and high-value art. In fact, the materials used in our custom framing department are all certified conservation and museum quality that ensures your art is protected.

Do you Frame Ketubah’s?

Yes, Ketubahs are one of our favorite things to frame! For example, we can prepare the piece and wrap it in acetate (a protective film) with openings that allow the ketubah to be signed and stay protected before you are ready to place it in a frame.

Do you frame jerseys or sports memorabilia?

Yes! Our fully in-house custom framing department can frame nearly all your sports memorabilia. From hockey sticks and bats to sports jerseys and baseball caps, Art Leaders Gallery has you covered.

Click *here* for examples of our past projects.

Do you frame large artworks that arrive rolled?

Of course! We have the capability to stretch and frame large canvases up to 10ft (120in). However, the maximum size for any piece that requires glass/acrylic is 48” x 96”.

If I bring in a large piece to be framed, will you be able to deliver it to my home?

If you live in the area, we can deliver and install your artwork. The cost of this service is dependent upon the size of the artwork and difficulty of the installation.


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Do you ship artwork internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally through FedEx International and UPS International.  First, we will receive your request of artwork and get a direct shipping quote for your address.  Additionally, your artwork of choice will also determine how to pack properly for adequate safety.

How much to ship out of state and internationally?

Packing and shipping costs will all be determined by USP, USPS, FedEx, and FedEx International.  After determining the cost, we will ship to you in the most economically friendly way that these companies will allow.

Do you ship glass?

We do ship glass in the United States and Internationally. However, depending on the type of glass, and the size of glass, we may not be able to send it internationally.  Please contact us for shipping quotes on glass artwork.

Will you ship my artwork to my new home or to my second home?

We will not ship personal artworks due to liability and responsibility.


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