Henry Asencio

Expressive Contemporary Figure Painter

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Henry Asencio creates abstract figure paintings that are rich in color and texture.  Furthermore, Asencio blends classical painting techniques with fresh colors and textures when painting his figures. In addition, Asencio enhances each figure by painting an exciting background. These backgrounds are full of expressive colors which capture many emotions. Ultimately, Asencio paints each piece to enhance emotion and beauty.

He began his art career by taking part in shows in Germany and Paris. In addition, he earned gold and silver medals in self-portraiture in oils and acrylic mediums. These awards gave him the attention he needed to begin his career. Soon after this, Asencio’s portraits gave him credit around the world and allowed him to excel his art career.

Asencio paints his figures by working with live models and photographs. He sets the mood of the piece by using a pallet knife to create rich colors and thick textures. For example, he begins a painting with a gesture drawing of the figure, mixes rich colors, and applies thick paint on the canvas. Lastly, these paintings can be acquired by contacting info@artleaders.com.

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