Stephen Schlanser

Handmade Art Glass, Platters, and Vessels

Stephen Schlanser has retired. Quantities are very limited to what is shown below. We can no longer take special orders.

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Stephen Schlanser has developed his stunning glass collection by studying ancient Egyptian and Persian processes.  As a result, Schlanser has mastered the ability to form glass by manipulating each form to near melting point.  Furthermore, Schlanser spends hours smoothing, and polishing edges to create bold textures and art-deco designs.  These designs include: vessels, bowls, platters, and sculptures.

Therefore, Schlanser has studied, explored, and created a famous collection of stunning glass artworks. Schlanser worked as an apprentice for the German glass artisan, Paul von Domarus where he experimented with many glass mediums.

Schlanser believes that each piece of art should be at its highest quality and become a family treasure. Therefore, he will reject and destroy 30 percent of his glass pieces if they do not fulfill this standard of quality.  Each glass piece has a beautiful script, message, or textural element. In addition, each piece is translucent, or completely clear to enhance its beauty by bending light and improving its design.  Lastly, order one of his beautiful sculptures, bowls, platters, or vessels by contacting


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