Yawning Cat By Dr.Seuss at Art Leaders Gallery

Rare & Sold Out Dr. Seuss

Since 1997, the Art of Dr. Seuss collection’s popularity has increased and many of the work have sold out. However, just because an artwork is listed as “Sold Out” doesn’t mean the piece is gone for good! Art Leaders Gallery has been a proud authorized Seuss Dealer since the beginning.

As the premier Dr. Seuss gallery, Art Leaders Gallery holds the largest collection of available Rare, Sold Out, and Archived Dr. Seuss Artwork. Please contact the gallery with any questions on this unique piece of history! Likewise, our West Bloomfield, Michigan gallery is free and open to the public Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm EST if you want to see the creatures in person.

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The Rather Odd Myopic Woman is a Rare or Sold-Out artwork by Dr. Seuss. Available at Art Leaders GalleryMidnight Paintings

  • After Dark in the Park
  • Booby Trap
  • Cat Carnival in West Venice
  • Cat Detective in the Wrong Part of Town
  • Chase in the Forest
  • Cuddle Fish
  • Every Girl Should Have a Unicorn
  • Fooling Nobody
  • Golden Girl
  • Green Cat in Uleåborg Finland Subway
  • Martini Bird – Framed
  • Relaxed in Spite of It
  • My Petunia Can Lick Your Geranium 
  • Secrets of the Deep Deluxe Set
  • Self Portrait as a Young Man Shaving
  • Self Portrait – Artist Worrying About His Next Book 
  • The Rather Odd Myopic Woman Riding Piggyback on One of Helen’s Many Cats
  • Wisdom of the Orient Cat 


Rare & Sold out Dr. Seuss artwork. The Earth Friendly Lorax in a Yellow tree

Anniversary and Illustrations

  • Ted’s Cat – 50th Anniversary
  • Fox in Socks – 50th Anniversary 
  • Green Eggs & Ham – 50th Anniversary
  • Grinch at Mount Crumpit: How the Grinch Stole Christmas – 50th Anniversary
  • Horton Hears a Who – 60th Anniversary
  • King of the Pond: Yertle the Turtle – 50th Anniversary 
  • The Sneetches – 50th Anniversary 
  • The Cat – 60th Anniversary
  • The Lorax – 50th Anniversary
  • The Game I Call Up-Up With a Fish
  • The Cat That Changed the World
  • These Things Are Good Things – Diptych
  • We Looked! Then We Saw Him – Diptych
  • Singing Cats with Deluxe Book
  • Yawning Cat
  • I Like Them, Sam-I-Am!
  • Green Eggs and Ham – Inside Cover Illustration
  • Do You Like Green Eggs & Ham? – Diptych 
  • Sam-I-Am – Single
  • Would You? Could You? In a Car?
  • Hop on Pop
  • This Sound Sounded Merry
  • If Santa Could Do it, Then So Could the Grinch!
  • A Plethora of Fish
  • Sawfish With Such a Long Snout
  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
  • Kid, You’ll Move Mountains
  • The Lorax Book Cover
  • Earth Friendly Lorax  in Yellow (framed)
  • They’ve All Gone to Bed in the Beds of Their Choices
  • Stars Upon Thars – Diptych
  • Turtle Tower
  • Yertle the Turtle



Unorthodox Taxidermy Sculptures

  • Andulovian Grackler
  • Goo-Goo-Eyed Tasmanian Wolghast
  • Kangaroo Bird
  • Mulberry Street Unicorn
  • Sawfish
  • Sea-Going Dilemma Fish
  • Tufted Gustard
  • Two Horned Drouberhannis




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