Craig Alan: Populus

Craig Alan: Populus Exhibition at Art Leaders Gallery August 2023

Featured Artist Exhibition: Craig Alan

Art Leaders Gallery is pleased to feature works by American artist Craig Alan. Focusing on his signature “Populus” imagery, this exhibition explores the relationship of the individual versus the whole. In today’s social climate, Alan’s Populus is an important reminder of how it takes all kinds to create a world.

Exhibition is on view at Art Leaders Gallery from August 1 to 31st, 2023.
Published August 1, 2023

Populus was created as visual social commentary. As an experiment, Alan stood on his mother’s 6th story balcony snapping photos of the populated beach below. Later realizing how a small wedding party formed the shape of an eye, the painter began considering the possibilities.

Current events have continuously inspired Alan’s Populus series. From notable world events to Pop-culture icons, the painter challenges himself to illustrate what the masses relate to. As a result, his compositions reflect the goal of expressing “we need to work together to accomplish larger goals. We can’t think the individual is more important than the whole.” As the audience moves closer to his works, the overall shape dissolves into the smaller figures – further emphasizing that everyone is in this world together.

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