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Love is in the Air: Celebrating What Brings Us Together

Posted on: February 2nd, 2024 by Art Leaders No Comments

Love is in the Air February 1-29. Celebrating what brings us together. virtual art banner

Love Is In The Air: Celebrating What Brings Us Together

Love is a deep bond between people, filled with care, affection, and understanding. It’s a feeling that brings joy, comfort, and a sense of belonging. Love motivates people to support, cherish, and prioritize each other’s well-being above all else. In honor of Love, we have curated a special collection of artworks showcasing this special bond.

Artwork by Craig Alan: Love Around the Corner, Everyone, All You Need Is..., Love High

Craig Alan knows All You Need Is Love

Craig Alan celebrates the bonds between people in his Populus series. His compositions reflect the goal of expressing the notion that “we need to work together to accomplish larger goals. We can’t think the individual is more important than the whole.” To illustrate, Alan’s unique “Populus” characters interact with each other, coming together to create larger compositions.

Alan pulls inspiration from significant human events and pop culture. Many of his pieces carry a theme of Love and World Peace. Works like All You Need Is…inspired by the Beatles song “All You Need is Love”, and his Love Around the Corner and Everyone, inspired by Robert Indiana‘s famous LOVE sculpture.

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Hessam Art Banner: Crazy in Love, In My Arms, My Valentine, Adoration, and After Solitude

Hessam Abrishami features that Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Hessam Abrishami’s artwork is all about the strong love shared between couples. The juxtaposition between the abstracted background and more detailed subjects helps the viewer feel the emotion of the scene; it almost feels like nothing else matters but the love each figure feels. Even the colors used are meant to illustrate happiness and energy as the passion explodes on the canvas.

Hessam paints his emotions and experiences into his compositions; Love being a popular theme. You can find these strong emotive images in pieces like Crazy in Love, Adorationand My ValentineHessam hopes to inspire the world with positivity and happiness through art.

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Jurgen Gorg Vivaldi Seasons etchings: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Jurgen Gorg illustrates the Seasons of Love

Jurgen Gorg’s Vivaldi Seasons etchings illustrates a story of a life of love. Starting in Spring, a connection sparks between the two subjects. As they hold each other in a loving embrace, music plays as the love brings on the warm colors. Moving into Summer, their love blooms. You can see the colors are warm and the red surrounding the couple illustrates the fire of their young passion. In Autumn, the lovers still have the spark between them; it may not be as bright as the summer, but the fire is deep like burning coals. Finally, Winter illustrates the bittersweetness of a love lost. We see the lone figure watching a fallen rose, still red among the cold landscape, reminiscing a life of love represented in the ghost-like figures embracing in the background.

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Dr. Seuss artwork: Antlered Animal Adoring Small Pink Tufted Beast, Cat Carnival in West Venice, Elephant Presenting A Flower to A Bird, I Wonder Where My Emma Is Tonight

Dr. Seuss’ Quirky Love Stories

You may not know that Ted “Dr. Seuss” Geisel was not only an author of beloved children’s books, he was an incredible artist that created a variety of paintings, using his own “Seussian” style. This collection of “Secret Art” includes a variety of themes, including our favorite – Love!

Theodor Seuss Geisel, known to his family and friends as “Ted,” was a romantic in many ways, often crafting paintings and drawings that tap into our ongoing quest and desire for romance. In I Wonder Where My Emma is Tonight, a wistful stag allows a pair of woodpeckers to safely court atop his antlers. There is a sense of pride in providing such sanctuary for these lovebirds, although one can’t help but sense a longing for the stag’s own sweetheart, perhaps a doe named Emma?

Other pieces that illustrate Dr. Seuss’ romantic side are Cat Carnival in West Venice, where you see two fancifully dapper cats stealing away for some privacy, or Antlered Animal Adoring Pink-Tufted Small Beast where a stag is smitten with a fluffy beast and trying to get her attention.

Check out the Magical World of Dr. Seuss

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-Published February 2, 2024

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